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エメラルド Emerald




May 31

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Trainer, Frontier Master


Chapter 303

Emerald is a boy originally from Johto, where he lived at the orphanage that Crystal helped out, inspired by her, he asked Professor Oak for a pokedex, though rejected at first, got the pokedex after a bit. Setting him on the path to conquer the Hoenn Battle Frontier, and save Jirachi from Guile. (Archie)


As revealed at the end of the Emerald chapter, Emerald was one of the orphans that Crystal was helping. He looked up to her and wanted a Pokédex of his own. Professor Oak did want to offer one to him at one point but he had declined due to his animosity towards Pokémon while in the Pokémon Academy. He spent his time roaming around Hoenn and met the Trick Master, who gave him the gadgets that were inspired by a faraway land. He also had a green gem that was used as a test to call out Rayquaza, but Emerald found the gem and it got attached to his forehead. He later received the Pokédex from Professor Birch on May 31, his birthday.


Gold, Silver, and Crystal Arc

At the end of the GSC Arc, Emerald appears to ask Prof. Oak for a pokedex, but is declined since he doesn't seem to be fond of pokemon or others.

Ruby and Sapphire chapter


Emerald on the Pokédex screen

His presence was hinted during the RS series, when Prof. Birch brought Treecko to meet the trainer who was supposed take it on a journey and receive the last Pokedex. However, the flood caused by Kyogre thwarted this meeting, and only a faint silhouette of Emerald was seen on the Pokedex's registration screen.

Heartgold and Soulsilver Chapter

Crystal is seen mentioning Emerald in a cameo as shes talking about how she wants to protect the world so children would be able to pursue their dreams.


Emerald's original appearance showed him with long, straight, honey-blonde coloured hair that hung past his shoulders, and is depicted with a very short stature, but with normal body proportions for his height. He wore an all in one bodysuit with short legs and the sleeves rolled up past his shoulders, and little clogs on his feet.
  • Younger Emerald
  • Emerald with his E-shooter
  • Emerald's new look

Later on, Emerald, with the help of the trick master (who Emerald mistakenly refers to as the Shoe Store Guy), creates a new look for himself. He sticks the core of the artificial green orb (which he had found) onto his forehead, and the trick master made him some platform boots (to make him appear taller) and some magic hand extenders (to use in the place of his real hands), as well as heavily waxing his hair into a croissant shape for extra height and growing his eyebrows out. Crystal also made Emerald some new clothes, which are blue trousers and a long green sweater with a number "10" on the back, because he is the tenth Pokédex holder.


Emerald is very short and is very self-conscious about it, due to being mocked about it in earlier life by other people.

What set Emerald apart from the rest was his opinion on Pokémon. He didn't own any and despises wild Pokémon battles, but lived for the thrill of organized battle challenges like the ones offered at the Hoenn Battle Frontier. Though by the end of the Emerald Arc he regains his love for pokemon that he use to have when he was young, but lost due to others saying he depended on pokemon since he was very short.

Due to his multiple personalities (depending on who he is with) He can be a sassy, selfish, sarcastic person, though he is caring to those he feels at home with.

He has a habit of urinating (weeing) off the sides of buildings, which the first time hes seen doing so, he meets Ruby and Sapphire during this "subtle" event.






Mr. Mime



Professor Oak

Prof. Oak is the one who sends Emerald, at the suggestion of Crystal, to the Battle Frontier to ensure that Jirachi is kept safe from Guile.


Emerald grew up in the orphanage that Pokédex holder Crystal worked at in Johto. During his time there, he and Crystal developed a brother-sister relationship. When Emerald went to challenge the Hoenn Battle Frontier, Crystal was the one who supplied Emerald with the Pokémon for his battles; he says that she has "one of every single Pokémon".

Ruby and Sapphire

Emerald originally thinks of Ruby and Sapphire as annoying and unneeded, however they later are on good terms at least.

Latios and Latias

Latios and Latias are friends of Emerald and help him throughout his adventures at the Battle Frontier; They tend to call him by the nickname "Rald". (Or "Em" in the English translated version)


  • Emerald is the first Pokedex Owner to have Pokémon outside of the arc's regional pokedex.
  • He is the only male trainer of all the Pokedex Holders to challenge the battle frontier. (of Hoenn in his case.)
  • Emerald is the tenth Pokédex holder.
  • It is currently unknown how and when Emerald met Latias and Latios, although it would seem he has known them for a while at least.
  • Due to a misunderstanding when they met, Emerald refers to the Trick Master as the Shoe Store guy.
  • Due to his birthday being May 31st, that makes his birthstone an emerald, like his name.
  • For his skills, he is given the title of "Calmer" (鎮める者 Calmer).

Oras Chapter

In the thirteenth chapter, Emerald, along with Ruby and Sapphire, is enlisted by Steven to learn Mega Evolution in order to prevent a disaster that will strike Hoenn. He and Sapphire train with Ultima at Dewford Town on the ultimate moves in order to prepare them for their Mega Evolutions. Whilst on a break, Sapphire complains that Ruby has not yet arrived to train with them. Emerald quells Sapphire's worries by pointing that Ruby invited her to see the Litleonid meteor shower after their training had finished. Later, Emerald and Sapphire manage to successfully Mega Evolve Sceptile and Chic into Mega Sceptile and Mega Blaziken. Unable to wait for Ruby to return, Mr. Stone decides to use the energy produced from the Mega Evolution to power a machine to prevent the disaster.

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