Species: Donphan
Gender: Male
Current Trainer:






Where Caught:

Outside New Mauville


58 (RS)


Chapter 205

Dono is Sapphire's male Donphan.


Dono debuts in Chapter 203.

He senses the dangerous electrical field resulting from the underground generator of New Mauville's malfunction. In order to keep people safe, Dono drives them away from the area above New Mauville, making a pest of himself.

Wattson and Coil-Boy decide to capture Dono and be done with his antics, but Dono successfully evades them. When he is accidentally hit by the Dynamo Badge, he chases Wattson, Coil-Boy, and Sapphire. All four of them fall through the trapdoor into New Mauville, where Dono teams up with Sapphire to rescue Wattson and defeat the generator.

Dono decides to join Sapphire, who nicknames him "Dono."[1]

Sapphire sends Dono out against Winona in a training session; the efforts of Dono, Rono, and Pilo against Winona's Beautifly, Masquerain, and Swablu earn Sapphire the Feather Badge.[2]

Sapphire sends Dono out to battle Team Aqua and Team Magma grunts in the Seafloor Cavern.[3]

Dono trains on Mirage Island.[4]

Known Moves


  • Chapter 205: 39
  • Chapter 207: 40
  • Chapter 211: 41
  • Chapter 218: 42
  • Chapter 220: 43
  • Chapter 222: 44
  • Chapter 223: 45
  • Chapter 231: 47
  • Chapter 234-40: 48
  • Chapter 245: 49
  • Chapter 246: 50
  • Chapters 257-64: 58



  • Not counting Wailord, Dono was Sapphire's highest-level Pokémon when he joined her
  • Donphans are not normally found in Hoenn


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