Ditty is one of Green's Pokémon.


Ditty debuts in Chapter 16.

Ditty impersonates Team Rocket's Tauros and uses Tauros's tails to take control of Team Rocket's Pokémon, turning them against Team Rocket and allowing Green and Red to flee.[1]

Ditty is later used as a red herring, pretending to be Mew to distract Team Rocket from finding the real Mew.[2]

Ditty is seen again in Blasty's form, tricking Sabrina into believing that her Kadabra had knocked out Green's strongest Pokémon; Ditty takes a hard blow, but its deception allows for Blasty to spring a surprise attack on Sabrina's Kadabra, which gives Green the upper hand.[3] After escaping from Sabrina, Green uses Ditty to disguise herself as Sabrina.[4]


  • Chapter 180: 40[5]


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