PokeDex Holder Diamond

Japanese Name:

ダイヤモンド Diamond




12 (Platinum)[1]


April 4

Blood Type:



Johanna (mother)


Twinleaf Town


Pearl, Platinum, Sebastian, Roseanne




Chapter 338

Diamond is a trainer and Pokédex-holder from Sinnoh, affiliated with Mesprit, the Being of Emotions. He and his best friend Pearl make a comical duo.


Diamond grew up in Twinleaf Town with his best friend, Pearl. He and his Pokémon Lax (a Munchlax) eat at any chance they get, usually at inopportune moments. He also has a near-unhealthy obsession with the television show "Taurina Omega".[2] (Protean Omega in English)


DP Arc

Diamond and Pearl enter a comedians' contest in Jubilife City and win a prize. They go to collect their prize and are accidentally mistaken by Platinum to be her appointed bodyguards because they happen to be wearing the right color scarves. At the same time, they think that she is a tour guide taking them on a trip of Sinnoh as a prize for their comedic skill.

Platinum Arc

Diamond and Pearl work for Professor Rowan, investigating legendary Pokémon. Dr. Footstep travels with them because he wants the legendary Pokémon's rare footsteps, and Diamond wants Dr. Footstep to look at Gi's footsteps when Gi finally decides to leave its pokéball. The Sinnoh Chairman of the Pokémon Association also teams up with them.[3]

The four split into two groups, Diamond and Pearl, and Dr. Footstep and the Chairman. Diamond and Pearl go to look for Rotom because they had previously met Rotom. They go to the Old Chateau, where they encounter Rotom. Rotom defeats them and runs off to the Galactic building in Eterna City.

Diamond and Pearl use the Secret Key they found in the Old Chateau to get into the Secret Room of the Galactic building. Rotom attacks them in its various forms, blasting them through the wall. Pearl rushes off to the Old Chateau to get Rotom's harmless TV while Diamond continues to fend off Rotom. Diamond sees Rotom mow the lawn in the shape of Diamond's face; Diamond befriends him. By the time Pearl returns, Rotom has decided to go with Diamond.[4]


Diamond really likes eating and sleeping. He is also very compassionate and kind.

His interests are mecha anime and games. His skills are cooking and making poffins.


Lax (Munchlax)

  • Male

Wig (Torterra)

  • Male

Don (​Bastiodon)

  • Male

Tung (Lickilicky)

  • Male

Moo (Mamoswine)

Mamoswine was given to Diamond by Platinum.

Gi (Regigigas)

  • Genderless

Platinum obtains Gi at Snowpoint Temple, where it crawls into one of her pokéballs. It helps Diamond fight against Dialga and Palkia and later refuses to leave its Pokéball at all.



Pearl is Diamond's best friend. They share the dream of becoming comedians together. He often gets smacked by Peal at the end of their comedy routine.


He admires Platinum.



  • All of Diamond's Pokémon are male
    • Except for Gii, who is genderless
  • His blood type is A
  • He (and Pearl) have won the New Era Comedy Grand Prix "Daibaku Show" Judges' special prize


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