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Dewford at a distance by sea

Dewford Town is an island in southern Hoenn. Dewford has very nice beaches and waves for surfing. Granite Cave is to its north. It seems to have a mountain or be very mountainous. There are many palm trees and beaches.

Dewford has a gym leader, Brawly.

Significant Events

  • Brawly debuts
  • Sapphire wins her second badge

Dewford Gym

Dewford Town's gym is shaped like a Knuckle Badge. Walking into the gym, you find yourself standing on a platform. Steps lead down across a channel of water to a horizontal battlefield. There is another channel of water on the other side of the battlefield, with a plank crossing it, leading to a beach. Brawly sometimes is relaxing on a towel in the sand with an umbrella. There are palm trees and bushes.[1]

The ceiling of the gym has rectangular overhead lights.



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