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クリスタル Crystal




April 30

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Violet City


Gold, Silver, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Professor Oak


Trainer, Pokémon Capturer


Chapter 117

Crystal, also called Chris, is a protagonist of the GSC Arc, Emerald Arc, and HGSS Arc. She is given the title of "Capturer" by Professor Oak.

She gives each one of her Pokémon a star to wear to distinguish it from other Pokémon of the same species.


Crystal is a slim young woman of average height with navy (sometimes black) hair she keeps in pig tails, and extremely light blue, almost clear, eyes. Is the GSC ar shewore a pink shirt, a yellow and black jacket, blue and yellow shorts, and white sneakers. In the Emerald arc her attire was similar, but she also wore a white lab coat and her shorts were replaced with a yellow skirt. In the HGSS arc she wore a white hat with a pink band, a red longsleeved shirt, overalls, thigh-high white socks with black bands at the top, and black shoes.


As a child, Crystal broke her arms, causing her to learn how to kick pokéballs in order to capture Pokémon. This also fostered a powerful friendship between her and her Pokémon.

She worked for an orphanage, where she met and inspired Emerald.


Crystal debuts in Chapter 117


Crystal debuts working at Earl Dervish's Pokemon Academy, when suddenly a group of Slugma burst into the academy. Professor Oak comes in trying to protect her, but Crystal unleashes her Pokemon and then captures the Slugma. Afterwards, she confirms that she was the one who sent Professor Oak the mail for a capturer. Crystal is hired, but in return Professor Oak has to donate money to the academy. Once she leaves Elm enters wanting to give Crystal Chikorita, but after hearing she's not interested the Chikorita sets off to convince her himself. He was able to convince her by his spunk and courage and was named Mega.

Emerald Arc

Crystal and Gold are sent to the Battle Frontier to revive Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver


Crystal takes the students of Earl Dervish's Pokémon Academy on a field trip to the Safari Zone; however, her mother makes her change from a professor's coat to overalls to show that this field trip is meant to be fun. While there, she encounters Silver.[1]

Crystal and Silver go together to Ecruteak City to see Morty, hoping he can help them locate Lance. Crystal gives Silver a Pokégear and insists on helping him, knowing that he is in no condition to fight on his own. When they get to the outskirts of Ecruteak City, they are confronted by Ariana, a Team Rocket admin. Crystal and Silver initially fight her together, but when Silver figures out the meaning of the Plates, Crystal covers his retreat.[2]

Ariana knocks out several of Crystal's Pokémon, but their battle is interrupted by the arrival of Arceus. Crystal decides to capture Arceus and follows it.[3]


Crystal usually has an amicable and gentle personality, but when it comes to capturing and work she becomes more serious and maybe even intimidating. Her aggressive and enthusiastic side overwhelmed Professor Oak and terrified Bill. She and Gold often have disputes due to their opposite personalities, but the two are actually pretty close. In the Emerald Arc she got Ruby and Sapphire to join her in scorning Gold's bragging, even though the same couldn't be said for Emerald.

Crystal currently works for Professor Oak as his assistant, help out at his Kanto, Johto and Hoenn branches.


  • Crystal has caught every Pokémon in the Johto and Kanto region, and apparently those of Hoenn, for Professor Oak. These are the ones she keeps with her:

Mega (Chikorita→Bayleef→Meganium)

  • Male


  • Male


  • Female


  • Male


  • Male


  • Female

Natee→Xatee (Natu→Xatu)

  • Female

Mr. Mime



Crystal and Gold bicker a lot due to their opposite personalities, but despite this they are close friends and work well together.


Crystal and Silver are close friends.


Crystal is a role model to Emerald.



  • Crystal, Ruby and Pearl are the only three trainers whose names are also names people may use in real life. Of them, Crystal is the only one whose name is appropriate for her gender.
  • Crystal is the first female protagonist to use a grass starter.


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