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Coco (Viz: Kiki)
Species: Skitty→Delcatty
Gender: Female
Current Trainer:



Cute Charm






Chapter 181

Coco is Ruby's female Delcatty. She has been with Ruby since his childhood. Coco's ability is Cute Charm.

Coco competes in contests of cuteness.



Coco debuts in Chapter 181.

Coco defeats a powerful Crawdaunt by using a circle motion—chasing her tail—to increase the number of times of physical contact between her and Crawdaunt, activating her Cute Charm, as well as decreasing the recoil damage from Double Edge.[1]

Coco evolves in Granite Cave by accidentally touching Steven Stone's Moon Stone during a battle against wild Mawile.[2]


Ruby sends out Coco and uses Iron Tail against Norman's Slaking as a distraction from Zuzu's Mud Shot.[3]

Coco wins the normal-rank cute contest in Verdanturf Town.[4]

Ruby sends out all of his Pokémon to fight Marge in Rusturf Tunnel.

Ruby sends out Coco, Zuzu, Nana, and Popo to battle Wallace.

Coco wins the hyper-rank cute contest in Slateport City.

Coco and the rest of his Pokémon help Ruby look for Mimi after she flees, and Ruby apologizes to them. After he decides to fight Team Magma, Ruby sends Coco with a note announcing his intention to Wallace.

Ruby sends Coco out to battle grunts in the Seafloor Cavern. He also sends Coco out against Archie and Maxie,[5] and after they begin to absorb the Jewels, Ruby has Coco try to retrieve the Jewels before they can be absorbed fully; Coco fails. Archie and Maxie send a blast of power at them, which Coco blocks by borrowing Rono's Iron Defense via Assist.[6]

Known Moves


The author describes Coco: "The childlike Coco rules the deparment of cuteness."[11]


  • Coco gets very seasick[12]
  • Norman was the one who taught Coco the move Iron Tail
  • Coco is the only pokemon Norman gave to Ruby of the type he specializes in.


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