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Chris is a cook in Unova. She is usually at the Village Bridge. She drives a RV mobile bakery, and due to this, is privy to much gossip and crucial information.


She approaches Black and White when White is out of the hospital in Nimbasa City. She is extremely well-informed, knowing exactly where in Nimbasa Marshal is and why; she is also aware of the plans of Nimbasa's higher-ups. She takes Black and White to the Battle Subway, where Marshal and Alder are.


Chris seems good-natured and generous, offering Black and White free food and information, but has a definite intelligence behind her smile. She also seems knowledgeable about Pokémon, understanding the strategy Marshal uses in his battle against Alder.





Chris is a fan of White's, even asking for her autograph, because she loves White's invention of the Pokémon Musical.



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