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Chapter 469

Chili is a gym leader of the Trio Badge in Striaton City. He shares this duty with his brothers, Cilan and Cress, who are triplets with him. Chili specializes in fire-type Pokémon.


He debuts in Black's memory in the third chapter of the BW Arc.

Chili wants to throw Black out of their restaurant/gym because Black has been arguing with their other customers, but is convinced by his brothers to have a gym battle with Black instead. They make Black tea as a precursor to his battle.

When Bianca (ineptly) tries to solve part of the gym puzzle, Chili appears on a screen, announcing that Black has been disqualified because someone other than the challenger participated in the puzzle. Then his façade cracks and he admits that he's not that strict. He goes on to say that Bianca is hopeless at battles and decides that Black, Bianca, and Cheren can have a triple battle against him, Cress, and Cilan.[1]

He and his brothers purposely position themselves so that each has the type advantage over their challengers. For Chili, that means he is across from Cheren. The battle's rules are that whoever has the most Pokémon standing at the end of 30 minutes wins.

During the battle, his Pansear uses Incinerate to escape Cheren's Snivy's Wrap. Seeing that their opponents' teamwork is improving, the brothers use simultaneous Work Ups to power up, knocking out Snivy. However, Bianca's Oshawott loses its temper and knocks Pansear out with its scalchop.

Demonstrating his hot-headed nature, Chili declares the battle over when Black's Tepig is apparently unable to fight. However, their three enemies get to their feet just as time runs out, having eaten Cilan's Pansage's leaves to revive themselves.

He gives out a Trio Badge to the challengers.[2]


Unsurprisingly, Chili is a little hot-headed: wanting to throw Black out for arguing with their customers, cruelly calling Bianca hopeless at battling, and deciding that Black, Bianca, and Cheren can have a triple battle with him, Cilan, and Cress.



Known Moves:


Cilan and Cress



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