Cheren's Pokémon are a Snivy, an Unfezant, and a Gigalith.


Snivy is of unknown gender.


Snivy picks a fight with Tepig and they anger Oshawott in the process.[1]

Snivy is later let out of its pokéball by Black and proceeds to quarrel with the other starters. When Black leaves to chase Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott beat each other up until they both lapse into unconsciousness. Cheren, Bianca, and Professor Juniper find them, and Bianca hands Snivy to Cheren, commenting that they look alike.[2]

Snivy leaps into the fray when Oshawott and Tep begin to quarrel in Striaton gym. It later demonstrates the effectiveness of grass-type moves against water-types to Bianca.[3]

During the gym battle, Snivy is knocked out by Chili's Pansear, but it later eats some of Cilan's Pansage's leaves, reviving it so that the Nuvema trio beats the Striaton trio 3 Pokémon conscious to 2 Pokémon conscious.[4]

Known Moves




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