Chapter 9: ...But Fearow Itself!



Volume 1

Important Events
  • Bill debuts
  • Red encounters Bill as a Rattata

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Chapter 9: ...But Fearow Itself! (also known as VS. Fearow) is the 9th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


Bill is fixing one of his inventions in his cottage. However, something goes horribly wrong, and a Rattata, along with Bill, end up in a very dangerous situation.

Meanwhile, on Route 25, Red is having a bit of trouble with his pokéballs: he has too many Pokémon , and he can't carry all of the pokéballs. He wonders if he should release some of his Pokémon, but thinks it would be such a waste after he'd gone through so much effort to catch all of them.

Red catches sight of a strange Rattata and freaks out when he hears it speak. The Rattata reveals that he is, in fact, human. He introduces himself as Bill and explains that an experiment went wrong, causing him to merge with a Rattata.


The Fearow catches Bill as prey

Just as Bill and Red were in the middle of talking, a lone Fearow picks up poor Bill and flies off, with Red in hot pursuit. Red tries to use his Bulbasaur to defeat the big bird but fails, only to take the Fearow down with one of Pikachu's techniques. Fearow, no longer having Bill in its talons, goes berserk and attempts to use the powerful Drill Peck move that Bill tries to warn Red about. For a moment, it looks like Poli is finished. However, it was only a clone of Poliwhirl made by an Ice Beam attack, and it leaves the Fearow totally frozen.

Bill is reverted to normal and introduces himself to Red, and Red does the same. Bill's invention, as it turns out, is primarily meant to teleport Pokémon at anytime to anywhere. Bill offers his assistance in storing some of Red's Pokémon for him and picks up one of Red's pokéballs, only to find out that the Pokémon inside was the exact same Fearow that had wanted to eat him.

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  • This is the first time that Ice Beam has been used to create a clone out of ice.
    • It is unclear whether Poli is the only Pokémon who can do this.

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