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Chapter 8: Suddenly Starmie (also known as VS. Starmie) is the 8th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokemon Adventures.


Misty and Red arrive in Cerulean City and go to Misty's house. Red is shocked at the size of it and they are greeted by maids, who all fuss over Misty's banged-up, dirty appearance. Red's clothes are cleaned and his Pokémon healed.

Red goes to a long dinner table, set with origami on the plates and candles. Misty arrives, wearing a fancy dress and apologizing for making him wait. Red is embarrassed, telling her that she should have told him to dress up.

They are joined by a multitude of women, possibly the maids, and Red enthusiastically tells them the story of how he defeated Team Rocket in Mt. Moon, irritating Misty. She tells him that it's not over yet: when their Pokémon finish healing, they have to train seriously because their next foe will be much stronger. Red blows her off, claiming that he's too strong. This upsets Misty, who demands to know if Red wants to get hurt. She calls him an idiot and storms off, teary-eyed. Red hollers after her to not take it so personally.

Later that night, in bed, Red talks to his Pokémon about it. He wonders if what he said was wrong and if he really should train more, but he decides that he doesn't need training anyway, and after his story at dinner, all the maids will want to go out with him.

Suddenly the lights go out and a whirlwind mysteriously come which tosses his bed around. Red is flung off and Bulbasaur pops out, his Vine Whip snagging Red as he's flying through the air. He and Bulbasaur huddle together until the whirlwind passes, leaving the two in the messed up room. Red turns on the light and finds a Gyarados scale on the floor.

The next morning, Red declares to the maids his intention to defeat Cerulean's gym leader. Rather than the admiration he was expecting, the maids laugh at him. As Red starts to demand to know what's funny, Misty interferes, offering to escort Red to the gym leader. She takes him to the edge of Cerulean City, where the gym is.

They enter the gym but find it empty. Red demands to know where "that jerk" is, and Misty says that "that jerk" is right here, gesturing at herself. Red stares at her for a moment. Then he laughs and asks where the real gym leader is since he doesn't believe her. Misty's Starmie attacks Red with water causing him to run around and try to dodge. Misty reveals that she was the one who attacked him last night. Red sends out Bulbasaur and begins to to fight her seriously.


Misty interrupts the battle by forcing Red to see that they were just barely strong enough at Mt. Moon, and if they really want to fight Team Rocket, they have to use teamwork rather than working around each other.

Misty gets tearful and emotional. Red acknowledges that she is right, saying that he doesn't have time to impress girls and Misty doesn't have time to cry. They decide to get stronger together.

They spend a few days training together until Misty deems Red ready to leave. She gives him the Cascade Badge. She hopes that in the future, they can meet again.

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