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Chapter 6: Gyarados Splashes In! (also known as VS. Gyarados) is the 6th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


An injured girl and her Staryu are being attacked by a Gyarados . She recognizes Gyarados' Hydro Pump attack and cries to Staryu to evade it. Staryu, however isn't fast enough to evade the attack and is hit full on by Gyarados's attack and is knocked out. The girl glares angrily at the Gyarados.

A voice calls from behind her, shocking her. Red appears on the crest of a hill, asking her to let him help. She, however, shouts at him to get away. He replies that he isn't just any trainer, introduces himself as Red, and sends out Saur. The girl is surprised at the sight of Red's Bulbasaur.

Gyarados launches another attack which the girl recognizes as another Hydro Pump but Red doesn't look worried as Saur takes the attack and comes out without any trouble. The girl looks confused, but Red replies happily that water attacks won't work on Saur. Red calls for Saur to attack Gyarados with a Leech Seed. The girl cries to her Staryu to use Recover and rejoices when it recovers its strength. They join Red in a double battle against the Gyarados. Red and Misty make a combination of Saur's Vine Whip and Staryu's Bubble Beam, which injures the Gyarados greatly. Red pulls out a pokéball and throws it at the Water-Pokémon, capturing it.


It's not very effective...

Red remarks that he is surprised to see a Pokémon so big around in the area and wonders if it is wild. At this, the girl replies that the Gyrados is her Pokémon and that, up until last week, she'd been training it, but it had been stolen. When it had returned, it had been completely wild and enraged. She had followed its trail of destruction and found it. She thanks Red, remarking that everything was all right now. Red, however snaps back that things aren't alright. He snarls that the people who'd stolen Gyarados must've made him rampage and demands to know where the thieves are. At this, the girl replies flatly that if she knew, she'd be there already. Red suggests that Professor Oak might know something.


At a Pokémon Center, Red along with the girl call the Professor. The professor tells Red that there are over 150 Pokémon and asks how Red's pokédex is coming along. When Red informs the professor about the girl's situation with her Gyarados, Professor Oak remarks that it sounded like the work of Team Rocket, a criminal group that use Pokémon in experiments. The Professor tells them about a Moonstone that could immensely boost a Pokémon's power and that he suspects that Team Rocket might be after it.

Red resolves to go to Mt. Moon and kick them out. The girl announces that she'll come with him, since Mt. Moon is on her way home and she might run into some trainers she knows. Red looks a bit unsure about having the girl come with him. She, however, pulls out all her pokéballs and explains that she is a Water-type Pokémon trainer and that the caves in Mt. Moon are crawling with Water Pokémon. She introduces herself as Misty and explains that she's from Cerulean City. Grabbing Red's hand, she runs off in the direction of Mt. Moon.

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