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Chapter 5: Onix is On! (also known as VS. Onix) is the 5th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.


After the disappointing visit to the wrecked Pokémon Center, Red makes a mad rush to the Pewter Gym for the gym challenge. Racing down a hall, he comes to a large room filled with cheering spectators. In the center of the room is a ring where an unknown fire Pokémon is battling with its trainer, which turns out to be Blue.

Hearing that the block preliminaries would be starting momentarily, Red scuttles off to register. As he climbs into the ring to face his opponent, the spectators mutter among themselves about hardly anyone blowing through the prelims and getting to Brock. Red's opponent turns out to be a strong-looking male trainer with a Graveler. Looking into Pika's pokéball and seeing the stubborn electric Pokémon still refusing to meet his glance, Red decides that Saur and Poli, though both at low health, are his only real hopes and sends Poli out to battle. Red commands Poli attack with Water Gun, soaking his opponent and then follows it with an Ice Beam attack, freezing and then shattering the opponent's Graveler. Looking at his tired Pokémon, Red realizes with great dismay that if Poli took one attack, they'd be done for. Red continues to battle, using only Poli and Saur to win his way up though the prelims, while Brock watches with interest, taking note on Red being an opponent worth battling him.


"Hey, Loser."

After his battles, Red is hiding behind the gym, trying to coax Pika out of his pokéball and convince him to battle for him, as Saur and Poli are all worn out. Pika, however, refuses to be cooperative. While Brock stands in the ring, Red comes hustling into the arena, pushing an unwilling Pika in front of him. Brock asks Red where his two, one-hit KO Pokémon are, as Red stands nervously before him with Pika, who still refuses to listen to Red.


Red's winnings aren't just dumb luck!

Brock says that he'll make the first move and commands his Onix to attack with Rock Throw, sending a flurry of stones at Pika, who dodges neatly. But then, one stone hits him squarely on the head. Pika gives a devilish look and angrily attacks Red with an electric attack and begins to chase him around the arena. Brock, who's been watching, remarks angrily that all Red's victories were simply dumb luck and commands Onix to attack with its most powerful attack, Skull Bash.



Red watches in horror as Onix's attack shoots straight for Pika, who's looking the wrong way. Quickly, Red dives for Pika, yanking him out of the way. Asking anxiously if Pika was alright, Pika begins to remember all the ways that Red has tried to connect with him. Red apologizes for pulling Pika into the battle and says that he didn't have to battle with him if he didn't want to.

Brock, standing behind Red announces that they wouldn't miss the next time and attacks again with Skull Bash. Pika, however, stands him ground and attacks Onix with a powerful electric attack, knocking it out, much to everyone's surprise. Red is proclaimed the winner and given a Boulder Badge.


...Whatever you say...

After the battle, Red and his Pokémon sit together admiring their new badge. Red thanks Pika for all his help and introduces him to Poli and Saur. Red asks Pika to join them, but only if he wants to, holding his hand out to shake. Pika accepts, but then goes on to deviously shock Red. Red then shouts that he thought that he was finally getting to Pika.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Pika
  3. Spectators
  4. Blue's Charmeleon
  5. Blue
  6. Receptionist
  7. Male Trainer
  8. Graveler (Trainer's)
  9. Poli
  10. Saur
  11. Brock
  12. Brock's Onix
  13. Geodude (Brock's)
  14. Graveler (Brock's)

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