Chapter 491

BW Arc


Volume 47

Important Events

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Chapter 491: VS Vanillite is the 31st chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the third chapter of Volume 47.

Full Summary

Black happens across Cheren in Driftveil City just as Cheren's Tranquil evolved from Pidove into Tranquil. To celebrate their meeting and the evolution, Cheren takes Black to the Move Tutor to train. However, while training there, Team Plasma grunts steal Cheren's Snivy and escape. Cheren and Black give pursuit and chase them to the Cold Storage.

The grunts, who are in possession of Cheren's Tranquil and his Snivy, send out two Beartic to fight Black. With Cheren's help, Black outwits them, resulting in the escape of Tranquil and Snivy. Then Snivy and Pignite team up and defeat the Beartic with a combination attack of Grass Pledge and Fire Pledge.

The grunts are enraged, but Zinzolin steps in, harshly reminding them that all Pokémon are their king's friends and must not be hurt. Team Plasma leaves and Cheren expresses guilt that Black has faced Team Plasma all alone before. Black refutes this, saying many people have helped him at each stage of his journey, and points out that is was their teamwork that defeated Team Plasma today.

Chapter 490

Chapter 492

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Cheren and his Tranquil
  2. Black and his Pignite, Galvantula, Munna, and Tirtouga
  3. Team Plasma grunts
  4. Zinzolin
  5. N (imagined)

Locations Visited

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