Chapter 489

BW Arc


Volume 47

Important Events

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Chapter 489: VS Palpitoad (Viz: Drawing Bridges) is the 29th chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the first chapter of Volume 47.

Full Summary

Zorua, disguised as a young boy, sneaks into the control room of the Driftveil Drawbridge, keeping the bridge up so that none can cross. Black, stranded on the Nimbasa City side of the bridge, sees Elesa and goes to speak with her. She explains that she has been unsuccessful in contacting the bridge's controller, Clay, who can lower the bridge.

The bridge begins to lower itself, and Black, unable to wait, lets out his Pokémon and begins to charge up the steep slope of the bridge. Black catches sight of Zorua (still disguised as a boy) and Zorua raises the bridge higher to make Black fall back down. But moments later, the bridge begins to lower, enough so that the two ends of the drawbridge seem like they might meet. Black has his Galvantula spin a web for Black to use to cross the gap between the two sides of the drawbridge. Seeing this, Zorua disguises himself as an Axew and attacks the web, cutting it and causing Black to swing wildly in the air. Black's Pokémon just barely pull him to safety before the bridge closes.

Black looks up and sees "Clay" (Zorua in disguise). The bridge lurches under him, threatening to rise again, and Black rushes forward towards "Clay"; believing that Clay is responsible his mishaps on the bridge, Black shouts that Clay is a dirty trickster.

With swift blows, "Clay" disables all of Black's Pokémon except Munna. Black, sensing that something was off, synchronizes his mind with Munna's and realizes Zorua's true identity. Black's Pignite lands a blow on "Clay," revealing Zorua's form and confirming Black's theory. Black's Pokémon try to fight Zorua but Zorua transforms into Thundurus and Cobalion, scaring them.

Ultimately, Zorua transforms into Black himself, and Munna immediately takes Zorua out because he can distinguish Black's mind from Zorua's. Zorua runs off.

Before Black can give chase, the real Clay appears, explaining that he had left the bridge up to prevent Team Plasma members from escaping Driftveil City. However, Zorua had messed with the control panels of the bridge, so Clay had had to repair them. While making his repairs, he heard Black call him a "dirty trickster." Black laughs nervously and says it was because of Zorua…but Clay's Pokémon chase him around the bridge anyway.

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Chapter 490

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Zorua
  2. Black
  3. Many passerby and their Pokémon
  4. Elesa and her Pokémon
  5. Clay and his Pokémon (imagined, later real)
  6. White and Black's Braviary (imagined)
  7. Black's Munna, Pignite, and Galvantula

Locations Visited

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