Chapter 488

BW Arc


Volume 46

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Chapter 488: VS Deerling (Viz: Growing Pains) is the 28th chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the final chapter of Volume 46.

Full Summary

After another failed attempt at catching a Pokémon, White takes a break to snack on Chris's bread and arrange matters at BW Agency. White explains to Chris that while she is learning to fight, she can't take care of the Pokémon lent to BW Agency, so she is returning them to their "parents" for now. Due to that, White needs to catch Pokémon of her own to battle alongside.

From a balcony above White, Black watches sulkily. Marshal approaches him and asks if he's upset that White gets to ride the subway and he doesn't; Black gets flustered and demands to know why two people can't ride it at once. Marshal points out that White is a beginner, not on Black's level, so instead of sulking he should be helping her out. To make his point, Marshal hefts Black over his head and throws him down. Black hits the ground by White, who is alarmed, but Black gets up and tells her that he couldn't bear to watch her any longer.

Black turns his attention to the wild Deerling White has been trying to catch. The Deerling is incensed from White's previous attempts at capture and she begins to chase White around. White trips, but before Deerling can trample or kick her, Servine jumps in to block the blow, protecting White. Black sends out Galvantula, demonstrating to White how to capture a Pokémon by attacking a nearby Tirtouga as Servine attacks Deerling. The two of them throw pokéballs and capture their targets.

They return to the Battle Subway, where Marshal and Alder await them. Alder asks White why she is challenging the Battle Subway, and White explains that there is a Pokémon dear to her who in the future will choose between entertainment and battling, and White cannot ask for that choice unless she understands both paths. Alder is impressed with her philosophical answer.

White gets into the subway car, but as it begins to leave, Black chases her, recalling all of the times they've had together. He still has a little debt left, and he promises that once he beats the league he will pay it off. He is still a member of BW Agency, and he's pursuing his dream, just as she should pursue hers.

Black reaches the end of the train platform and at the last moment hurls a pokéball at White's car, sending her Braviary. After all, White only has an untrustworthy Servine and a newly-caught Deerling, and she needs three Pokémon to challenge the Battle Subway.

Black and White part ways.

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Chapter 489

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. White and her Servine
  2. Chris and her Shelmet
  3. BW Agency's Pidove, Minccino, Patrat, Sandile, Lillipup, Woobat, and Tepig
  4. Wild Garbodor, Ducklett, Frillish, Solosis, Darumaka, Gothita, and Sigilyph
  5. Black
  6. Marshal
  7. A wild Deerling
  8. A wild Tirtouga
  9. Alder
  10. Emmet and Ingo
  11. Black's Braviary

Locations Visited

Dolori crescenti

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