Chapter 486: VS Throh & Sawk (Viz: Unraveling Mysteries) is the twenty-sixth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the seventh chapter in Volume 46.

Full Summary

Late at night, Black searches the streets of Nimbasa City for any sign of White, who has not been seen since the end of her Pokémon Musical earleir that day. He comes across a tall strange man with an unconscious White slung over his shoulder. Black freezes and the flips out, attacking him, but the man's Throh and Sawk easily rebuff the assault. The man reprimands Black for being rude and Black suddenly recognizes him as Marshal of the Elite Four.

Marshal hands White over, telling him she had been found by the ferris wheel with a Servine. As Black rushes off to the hospital, Marshal goes to meet Alder.

The next day, White lies fitfully in the hospital bed, muttering to herself about her Tepig and surpassing the Champion. Black sits at her bedside, fretting over her unconscious tears. White eventually wakes and freaks out when she catches sight of Servine, who was previously N's. After the doctors confirm White's physical health, Black takes her outside to talk. White tells him about her encounter with N and her Tepig's betrayal.

Black is infuriated at N and turns on Servine, accusing her of spying.

They are approached by a baker, who offers them bread and asks White for her autograph. She says that she has access to a lot of information, including information on why Marshal has come to Nimbasa: the Battle Subway, where Alder and Marshal currently battle.

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Chapter 487

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