Chapter 485: VS Servine (Viz: Gigi's Choice) is the twenty-fifth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the sixth chapter of Volume 46.

Full Summary

White realizes that she is trapped in a ferris wheel car with N. She looks out the window, judging their height off the ground and looking for some help, and spots some Team Plasma grunts. N's necklace buzzes and he answers it, reassuring the grunts on the other end that he is fine and that they should make their escape while White is trapped with N. White accuses him of being their teammate and he reveals that he is not their teammate: he is their king.

White is stunned into silence. N muses on the properties of ferris wheels. White says that she doesn't know why is so determined to "liberate" Pokémon and N admits that perhaps he is the one who doesn't understand. He had watched the musical she put on and he didn't understand it. He turns his attention to White's Tepig. Touching the bow she wears, he wonders why people like such a thing, why Pokémon are happy to act and become exhibits for human entertainment.

He asks White to explain it to him, to explain why she is in showbiz.

White describes a time in her childhood when she attended a human musical and a cubchoo happened to get on stage and started dancing. Cubchoo had been so happy that White had wanted to bring that happiness to all Pokémon and to share it with audiences.

N admits that Pokémon have diverse, individual interests: some Pokémon like to battle, some like to act, some like to run, and more. But by restricting Pokémon to one of their interests you suppress parts of their personality. Battling is what Pokémon do, how they grow, and White is doing her Tepig no favors by keeping her in showbiz. He asks Tepig if she wants to battle and what she had thought when she saw Black's Tepig growing and fighting while she was stuck in showbiz.

N's Servine hits Tepig, initiating battle. White protests, saying Tepig doesn't want to fight and doesn't forcing her to fight go against Team Plasma's ideals? N takes deep offense at that, telling her that she doesn't listen to her Pokémon's voices and by denying them their wills she has committed a sin.

Tepig starts fighting back against Servine, hitting her with a devastating fire attack. Tepig is delighted at her success. N praises her, saying that she has the power to someday defeat the Pokémon Champion.

White panics, flinging open the door to the gondola and shouting to Tepig that they're going to jump. White stretches her hands out to Tepig, waiting for her, but Tepig turns away, jumping into N's lap. White falls back, alone, and hits the ground.

In the ferris wheel, N holds Tepig and swears to become powerful enough to defeat the Champion and liberate all Pokémon. His Servine slips out of the ferris wheel to stand on the ground, where White lies, shivering and crying.

Chapter 484

Chapter 486

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. White and her Tepig
  2. N
  3. Team Plasma grunts
  4. Servine
  5. Performers and cubchoo (memory)

Locations Visited

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