Chapter 484: VS Zebstrika (Viz: Battle on a Roller Coaster) is the twenty-fourth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the fifth chapter of Volume 46.

Full Summary

Black arrives at Elesa's gym. After making his way through her gym puzzle of roller coasters, he reaches the battlefield, only to realize his seatbelt has malfunctioned and he can't get out of the roller coaster car. Black insists on continuing anyway, not realizing that this meant that he would be rocketing around the roller coaster even during the battle.

Elesa sends out her Zebstrika and Black sends out Galvantula. Galvantula's Electro Ball only aids Zebstrika, who has the ability Motor Drive, so Black switches Galvantula out for Pignite. Elesa baffles Black by implementing a Volt Switch strategy, swapping her Pokémon in and out so fast he can barely keep track of them. Pignite finally knocks out Zebstrika with Bulldoze. Pignite is exhausted but Emolga is still fighting fit, so Elesa remarks that the battle is as good as decided anyway…if Black doesn't call upon Munna's help to clear his mind and figure out a winning strategy. Black refuses, declaring that he is his Pokémon's coach and it would be his failure if he needed a crutch like that during battle. Black then thinks to take advantage of the roller coaster to set up an ambush on Emolga, so that Pignite knocks it out.

Elesa acknowledges defeat, but before she can give Black the Bolt Badge, the roller coaster takes him away, to tracks on the rain outside of the gym. Black sees Thundurus and gets smoked by an electric move. The roller coaster takes him back inside.

Elesa is shocked to hear what happened to Black and reveals that she, too, saw Thundurus as a child.

Attaching his new badge to his coat, Black runs out of the gym, happy at his victory.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Black and his Munna
  2. Elesa and her Zebstrika
  3. Black's Galvantula
  4. Black's Pignite
  5. Elesa's Emolga
  6. Thundurus

Locations Visited

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