Chapter 482: VS Maractus (Viz: To Make a Musical) is the twenty-second chapter of the BW Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the third chapter in Volume 46.

Full Summary

Grimsley offers to battle Black on one condition—Black must wager his most treasured possessions. Black is in a quandary: does he dare risk losing his three badges, which are to enter the Pokémon League tournament? Agonizing over issue is too much for Black—his brain overloads and he faints, alarming Grimsley. Once Grimsley figures out what happened, he says that it was better not to risk the badges, and he brings Black to some shelter and leaves, his mind set on investigating Team Plasma at Relic Castle. He leaves the captured grunt in Black and White's care.

Meanwhile, at the Desert Resort, Sage Ryoku of Team Plasma prepares to enter the Relic Castle in search of Volcarona.

Black wakes up in bustling Nimbasa City. White tells him that she and Braviary hauled him and the Team Plasma grunt through Route 4. She goes on to show him the brand new "Pokémon Musical" building, built just for her. As soon as they enter, they are swamped by adults trying to consult White on various matters. This impresses Black greatly, who sees how responsible White is and how she is taking steps towards fulfilling her dream.

Black comes across Elesa, who is helping out with White's musical. Elesa promises to battle him once the musical has finished. Black, who is still feeling woozy from his unconsciousness, agrees with relief and slumps off.

Chapter 481

Chapter 483

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Grimsley and his Bisharp
  2. Black and his Munna
  3. Team Plasma grunt and his Maractus
  4. Darmanitan (Zen Mode)
  5. Ryoku
  6. White
  7. People working on the musical
  8. Elesa and her Pokémon

Locations Visited

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