Chapter 479: VS Amoonguss (Viz: The Case of the Missing Pokémon) is the nineteenth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the final chapter of Volume 45 and the penultimate of Viz's BW Volume 6.

Full Summary

Black's gym battle with Burgh continues; after Leavanny pins Galvantula down with its silk, knocking Galvantula out with Leaf Blade only to succumb to poisoning moments later.

Black confesses that he knew Galvantula could not beat Leavanny, but he wanted to avenge Braviary's defeat. Though intimidated by Tepig's imminent evolution, both because he is unsure of his ability to command Tepig effectively and because White was horrified by it, he sends Tepig out to face Burgh's Dwebble.

After taking harsh blows from Dwebble's Smack Down, Tepig evolves into Pignite and defeats Dwebble. Black's happiness is short-lived as he turns and finds himself confronted with White, who had explicitly forbidden Tepig's evolution.

Before he can find words to explain himself, Iris charges into the gym, her Fraxure carrying the unconscious Bianca. Black rushes to her side, concerned, and Iris reveals that Bianca's Pokémon was kidnapped.

Using Munna to focus his thoughts, Black orders Pignite to use his sensitive nose to track Bianca's assaulters. Pignite takes them to the building across the street. They break in and fight the Amoonguss holding Bianca's Litwick captive.

Black's Braviary lifts them to find Amoonguss's trainer, along with Bronius. Declaring that they are misunderstood and that they intend to bring back Unova's hero of the black lightning bold, Bronius and his grunts retreat. The kidnapped Pokémon found in the building were returned to their trainers.

When all the drama is done, White tells Black she accepts Tepig's evolution and has come up with a new commercial scheme to account for it. As she and Black leave, Black declares that Pignite's new nickname is "Nite."

Chapter 478

Chapter 480

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Burgh and his Leavanny
  2. Black and his Galvantula
  3. Burgh's Dwebble
  4. Black's Tepig
  5. White and Tepig
  6. Iris and her Fraxure
  7. Bianca
  8. Team Plasma's Amoonguss
  9. Black's Braviary
  10. Bronius and grunts
  11. Kidnapped Pokémon


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