Chapter 478: VS Leavanny (Viz: Big City Battles) is the eighteenth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the penultimate chapter of Volume 45 and the first of Viz's BW Volume 6.

Full Summary

White finds Black wandering in Castelia City. She reveals she's found a new ad for their Tepigs, and the two of them go to the photo shoot. As they leave, White cheerfully tells Black that he has now paid half of what he owes her. They give Black's Tepig a casteliacone as a reward, and White tells Black that she's decided to support his dream by being his sponsor—paying his daily expenses for food, potions, and other battle items. In return, Black has to wear the BW Agency logo in the Pokémon League.

At that moment, Black's Tepig begins to evolve. White, horrified, swings Tepig around so that he stops evolving, wailing that she'll lose so much business if he changes shape. Black gets a call on his Xtransceiver, alerting him that it's time for his gym battle. As he leaves, White gives him a schedule to follow.

Meanwhile, at Studio Castelia, Burgh is showing off his paintings. Iris arrives, reminding Burgh of his impending gym battle. Black rushes through the gym puzzle.

Burgh sends out Whirlipede as his first Pokémon; Black starts to send out Tepig, but remembering White's distress, quickly sends out Braviary instead. Braviary knocks out Burgh's Whirlipede, prompting Burgh to send out Dwebble. Black returns Braviary after Dwebble uses Smack Down, releasing Galvantula. Burgh, sensing there's something wrong, returns Dwebble and sends out Leavanny.

White, wandering Castelia, decides it would good for her to watch one of Black's gym battles as his boss. Unknowingly, she passes Bianca, who is going in the opposite direction.

Bianca is looking for Black. Grumping about Cheren's insistence they split up to find Black, Bianca sends out her Litwick to light up a dark alley. A Team Plasma member knocks her out and "liberates" her Litwick.

Chapter 477

Chapter 479

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Black and his Tepig
  2. Citizens of Castelia, and their Karrablast, Tynamo, Duosion, Vanillite, and Elgyem
  3. White and her Tepig
  4. Burgh
  5. Exhibition visitor
  6. Iris and her Fraxure
  7. Burgh's Whirlipede
  8. Black's Braviary
  9. Burgh's Dwebble
  10. Black's Galvantula
  11. Burgh's Leavanny
  12. Bianca and her Litwick
  13. Team Plasma grunt and his Amoonguss

Locations Visited

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