Chaper 474: VS Stoutland (Viz: Defeating Stoutland) is the fourteenth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the third chapter of Volume 45 and the first of Viz's BW Volume 4.

Full Summary

Her Patrat unconscious, Lenora sends her Stoutland to attack Black's Braviary. Black thinks furiously, trying to come up with a plan—he knows three of Stoutland's four moves: Ice Fang, Roar, Take Down, and…Last Resort! Just as he figures out what the fourth move must be, Lenora uses it to defeat Braviary.

Black sends out Munna, trying to put Stoutland to asleep with Hypnosis. Black is frustrated with Hypnosis's lack of accuracy (60%) until Lenora gives him a subtle hint about what's really going on: Stoutland is using its hair as a radar to successfully dodge Hypnosis.

Stoutland's Take Down strikes Munna. Black decides to stop using tricks like Hypnosis and orders Munna to use Zen Headbutt, charging into Stoutland's Take Down. It results in a double K.O.

Lenora reviews a recording of the battle and gives Black the Basic Badge, revealing that the recoil damage of Take Down had done its toll. As Black leaves the museum, he is met with the sight of White grinning widely. She grabs his hands, declaring how happy she is. Black, blushing, says she doesn't have to be this happy for his win…but White, not listening, begins to wave Black around wildly as she tells him that she had pitched a "Pokémon Musical" business idea to the mayor of Nimbasa City and he had loved it.

White starts babbling excitedly as she outlines her various ideas for the musical, and the strong presence of her dreams forces Black to grab Munna to keep him from latching on to her head.

Lenora laughs as she watches White drag Black off, but the phone begins to ring. Picking it up, she finds Clay on the other line. He's calling to tell her about a sinister ancient stone he found. He asks Lenora to come pick it up and examine it, and Lenora agrees; unknown to them is that a strange machine is spying on Clay. Watching the feed from the machine, the Shadow Triad identifies it as the Dark Stone. They decide to wait until after Lenora gets it to steal it.

The Dark Stone, after all, will bring them closer to achieving an ideal world by obtaining Zekrom.

Chapter 473

Chapter 475

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Lenora and her Patrat
  2. Black and his Braviary
  3. Lenora's Stoutland
  4. Black's Munna
  5. White
  6. Hawes
  7. Clay and his Pokémon (debut)
  8. Shadow Triad
  9. Zekrom (imagined)

Locations Visited

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