Chapter 473: VS Patrat (Viz: Battle at the Museum) is the thirteenth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the second chapter of Volume 45 and of Viz's BW Volume 4.

Full Summary

Black enters Nacrene Museum, and after admiring the exhibits, goes into the library of the museum to begin the gym puzzle. Following the clues, he finds a button; pressing it makes a bookshelf slide, revealing stairs to a basement battlefield.

As he descends the stairs, Lenora remarks that it only took him 3 and a half minutes to solve the puzzle, beating the previous record by a mile. She sends out her Stoutland, and Black sends out his Munna; however, Lenora's Patrat (in its pokéball) uses its powerful eyesight to see that Black's second Pokémon is Braviary, and Stoutland uses Roar to force a switch. Stoutland attacks Braviary with Ice Fang. Lenora tells Black that what he studies will not always be useful in a real battle, and she asks him if he's ready to give up yet as the battle continues in Stoutland's favor.

Meanwhile, White and the director are having an Xtransceiver planning meeting with the mayor of Nimbasa City and Elesa. The mayor immediately demands to know White's big idea for Nimbasa City entertainment—horrifying White, who has not prepared one.

One of the mayor's advisors tell him that there are no more ideas, and they go on to list all of the failed projects they've undertaken. White politely interjects, suggesting that they do a musical that people can participate in.

In the silence that follows her idea, White regrets speaking up; moments later, the mayor exclaims that it's a brilliant idea.

Back in the gym, Black kneels by his badly beaten Braviary. He asks Lenora why she has her battlefield in the basement, and she answers that she values her gym and ancient artifacts here more than what's upstairs, so she keeps them close to her. Black says that just how she would not lose her precious things, he and his Pokémon will persevere on in their dream, and thus this battle.

Braviary rears up from the floor and uses Whirlwind, forcing Stoutland to swap to Patrat. Braviary knocks out Patrat with Air Slash, as even Patrat's keen eyes cannot see air.

Chapter 472

Chapter 474

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Black and his Munna
  2. Hawes (debut)
  3. Nacrene Museum employee
  4. Lenora and her Pokémon (debut)
  5. Black's Braviary
  6. White and her Tepig
  7. Director
  8. Mayor of Nimbasa City (debut)
  9. Elesa (debut)
  10. Nimbasa City council members

Locations Visited

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