Chapter 472: VS Scraggy (Viz: Wheeling and Dealing) is the twelfth chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the first chapter of Volume 45 and the second of Viz's BW Volume 4.

Full Summary

White is advertising BW Agency in Café Soko, but Black interrupts by loudly shouting his vows, disturbing the customers and ruining White's business deal. White decides she needs to teach Black how to do business and goes over to a street musician to demonstrate, expertly convincing him to utilize BW Agency's Pokémon on his show. Black is impressed and agrees to learn business.

The director arrives and agrees with them about using Pokémon on the show. As they set up for the filming, Black goes off to train with Munna and Galvantula; while he is gone, a Scraggy and Scrafty steal the accordion.

Black is blamed, again. He starts to declare he'll prove his innocence, but, looking at White, he realizes that he may have ruined another business deal for her. Black declares that he'll prove BW Agency's innocence.

Putting Munna on his head, Black quickly figures out that the accordion was stolen by Scraggy and Scrafty, who found its elasticity to similar to their pants. He drives them into the bushes where he'd been training and they get caught in the spider webs Galvantula had left behind.

White comments that Black is more suited for battling after all, but she'll still make him learn how to do business.

After shooting the show, White returns Tepig to Black, who goes off to challenge Lenora. After Black leaves, the director tells White that he is developing a business campaign in Nimbasa City and he wants her to be involved. He asks her to come up with some ideas for what they could do in Nimbasa.

Chapter 471

Chapter 473

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. White, her Tepig, and Black's Tepig
  2. Customers and employees of Café Soko
  3. Black
  4. A street musician of Nacrene City
  5. Director and Director's Aide
  6. A wild Scrafty and Scraggy
  7. Black's Galvantula and Munna
  8. Lenora, her Stoutland, and her Patrat (imagined)

Locations Visited

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