Chapter 471: VS Watchog (Viz: Battle at the Dreamyard) is the eleventh chapter in the BW Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the last chapter of Volume 44 and the first chapter of Viz's BW Volume 4.

Full Summary

After defeating a wild Liepard, Black and his Pokémon begin to shout their vows, but Black's Munna suddenly happily runs off. Black gives chase, but is knocked out by a sinister face.

He comes to on a couch, where White, Fennel, and Amanita are waiting. The scientists immediately drag him and White to their laboratory, where they study dreams. Black tells them about Munna, and when Fennel exclaims that Munna are crucial to their studies, White invites them to look for Munna with her and Black. Fennel takes them to the Dreamyard, where they find Munna being held captive by three Team Plasma grunts.

Black and the grunts briefly argue before Black attacks them; he is repulsed by the same glowing face that attacked him earlier. The grunts reveal that the Dreamyard holds a powerful dream—the dream of creating something—and that the dream still lingers, drawing Munna of his own will to this place. The grunts want to see how Munna will react to the dream.

Black tries to think of a plan to get Munna back, but is unable to concentrate past his dream of defeating the Pokémon League. Munna, drawn to the power of his dream, manages to break free of the grunts and chomps on Black's head. Black sends out Galvantula to use Flash, revealing a Watchog—the "face" they saw was only the glowing pattern of its stripes.

Black's Pokémon attack Watchog, Munna finishing it off with a powerful Psychic. Black looks around but Team Plasma has disappeared to report to Ghetsis, abandoning their unconscious Pokémon.

Fennel examines Munna and takes a sample of Dream Smoke. Black and White then leave, bidding Fennel and Amanita goodbye.

Chapter 470

Chapter 472

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. A wild Liepard
  2. Black and his Tepig
  3. White and her Tepig
  4. Two wild Woobat and a wild Blitzle
  5. Black's Braviary, Galvantula and Munna
  6. Fennel
  7. Amanita
  8. Kindergartener and Lillipup (imagined)
  9. Team Plasma grunts
  10. Team Plasma's Watchog

Locations Visited

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