Chapter 468: Listening to Pokémon is the eighth chapter of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the fourth chapter in Volume 44.

Full Summary

In the past, Ghetsis crowned N the king of Team Plasma before the Seven Sages, Anthea and Concordia, and a crowd of Team Plasma grunts.

In the present, Black and N argue; N says that the pokédex causes misery among his Pokémon friends because many are imprisoned in pokéballs, their voices silenced, to fill the pages of the pokédex. Black, incensed at N's claims, declares that by all of this "listen to their voices" stuff N really means "let's battle," and Black is more than happy to attack him.

As the battle proceeds, Black tells White to be ready to defend herself; if Black loses, N may still attack them. White, terrified, tells Black that she's never battled before in her life. Black is flabbergasted, but can't respond because N attacks him. Black uses his pokédex to identify the move N used, making N point out that Black is relying on the device instead of listening to his Pokémon's voices, which is why Black cannot defeat N. N is moved to tears as he declares that Pokémon cannot ever be truly happy while subject to selfish human desires.

Black loses his temper, gesturing at his Pokémon to show that they are happy with him, and Galvantula even wishes to join Black. Black waves the pokédex at N and tells him that it is a tool that Black uses to get to know his Pokémon better, as he cannot understand their voices, but he can still understand their feelings. Black has his Tepig attack N's Tympole, knocking Tympole and N into a wall but hurting Tepig in the process.

N remarks in surprise that there are Pokémon who say such things, and he moves to walk off. Black tries to call him back, but N merely says that he has found another unsolvable formula.

Black quickly returns his beaten Pokémon and White comments with alarm that N sounds very similar to the Team Plasma speech yesterday. Black tells her that when N landed near Black's Munna, Munna ate his dream and found a gentle dream of childhood—an ideal world—with no malice or anything, and Black truly believes that N is a good person.

Chapter 467

Chapter 469

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ghetsis (flashback)
  2. Seven Sages (flashback)
  3. N
  4. Anthea and Concordia (flashback)
  5. Black
  6. N's Gurdurr, Tympole, Purrloin, and Pidove
  7. Black's Braviary, Munna, Tepig and Galvantula
  8. White and her Tepig
  9. A Darmanitan, two Woobat, and a Zorua (memory)

Locations Visited

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