Chapter 467: Letting Go is the seventh chapter of the BW Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the third chapter of Volume 44.

Full Summary

Black, horrified at the sight of so many people releasing their longtime friends, decides to chase after the man who spoke and make him never give that sort of speech again. White tries to dissuade him and even turns down a call from her director in favor of chasing him. Black, realizing the trail is cold, explains to her that the Galvantula he caught to protect her commercial film crew was actually abandoned by its trainer, leading it to seek human presence in deconstructive ways.

Their conversation ends when White suddenly remembers to call back the director, taking Black's Tepig with her since it's about work. Now alone, Black calls out Galvantula, admitting that he had been going to release it but now thinks that isn't such a good idea. A voice from nowhere suddenly tells him that Galvantula is speaking to him, and Black is attacked by an unknown assailant.

Meanwhile, White calls back the director and learns that the job he had been going to offer her had already been snatched up during her chase after Black. Hanging up and complaining to the two Tepig, White begins musing on Black, realizing that all she really knows about him is that his dream is to defeat the Pokémon League, he uses his Munna to enhance his powers of reasoning, and he has a device that stores data on Pokémon. She thinks moodily that she's been more open with him than he with her. As she gets up to go find him, she suddenly realizes how much she'd thought about him and is surprised (and a little disturbed, though she brushes it off).

White returns to a battle scene. Black is losing badly to his opponent's Purrloin, whose (ordinary) attacks are unusually strong and cannot be countered in ordinary ways. As White realizes he can't win, N appears beside them, saying the reason Black can't win is because he shuts his Pokémon in pokéballs.

Black sends out his Braviary, prompting N to flick his wrists, summoning a Gurdurr, Tympole, and Pidove. Black pulls out his pokédex, but the sight incenses N, who grabs Black and tells him that many of his Pokémon friends have been imprisoned in pokéballs to fill the pages of the pokédex.

Not too far away, the Shadow Triad informs Ghetsis that N is engaged in battle in the suburbs of Accumula Town. Ghetsis, sinisterly amused, wonders if N has solved the unsolvable formula.

Chapter 466

Chapter 468

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Black
  2. White and her Tepig
  3. Citizens of Accumula and their respective Ducklett and Whimiscott, among others
  4. Black's Tepig
  5. Director (Xtransceiver)
  6. BW Agency's Sandile, Woobat, and Lillipup (imagined)
  7. Black's Galvantula
  8. Black's Munna
  9. N's Purrloin
  10. N
  11. Black's Braviary
  12. N's Gurdurr, Tympole, and Pidove
  13. Ghetsis
  14. Some Sages
  15. Shadow Triad

Locations Visited

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