Chapter 466: An Odd Speech is the sixth chapter of the BW Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the second chapter in Volume 44.

Full Summary

As Black sets up a tent outside of a fancy hotel in Accumula Town, White watches the scene of her Tepig, Gigi, and Black's Tepig, Tep. The scene moves her to tears. Black is not impressed and is more interested in knowing why he and White are stuck out on the lawn while their Pokémon have a classy hotel room to themselves. White explains that Gigi is the star and White is only Gigi's manager, so these sleeping arrangements are fitting.

When Black remains grumpy, White reveals that the money she made from Black's Tepig's performance was only 1/50 of what she paid to replace or repair the equipment that Black destroyed. Black looks at the numbers, thunderstruck: that sort of debt could make him White's slave. White refutes him firmly, explaining that she had hired Black so that she could look out for clients—after all, her clients couldn't possibly charge a kid that much money, and they would experience great loss paying for it themselves. But since she had hired Black, the clients could charge BW Agency and get paid back in full.

White also gives Black genuine, earnest thanks for lending her Tep and she asks for permission to borrow Tep for a few more appearances in movies, as the two Tepig together are quite popular. She tells him that being the best Pokémon actor agent is her "dream," just as becoming Champion is Black's.

Black gets into his tent, telling White that he'll consider her request. White gives him an Xtransceiver, a gift from director of the commercial the two Tepig had acted in.

A scream wakes Black abruptly. He flings open the tent and finds that someone is launching projectiles at White. He sends out his Pokémon and has Munna eat his dreams, making him realize that their attacker is a Timburr doing a construction project.

His Braviary apprehends the Timburr, and two people approach, apologizing for the mix up and telling Black and White that they have a construction permit. Black and White agree to leave.

The next morning, they see a stage has been built. From that stage a green-haired man gives a speech about Pokémon liberation, telling the citizens of Accumula Town that Pokémon do not exist only to pander to humans, and are not truly happy or fulfilled with humans. By freeing Pokémon, humans and Pokémon will finally exist in equality. He finishes speaking and steps off the stage.

Black and White, looking around, are shocked to see that people have been swayed and are releasing their friends.

Chapter 465

Chapter 467

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Actress and actor
  2. White's Tepig
  3. Black's Tepig
  4. White
  5. Black
  6. Black's Braviary and Munna
  7. Team Plasma's Timburr (three)
  8. Team Plasma grunts
  9. Accumula residents and their respective Woobat, Sawk, Minccino, Audino, Joltik, Blitzle, and Darumaka
  10. Ghetsis
  11. More Accumula citizens and their respective Whimsicott, Krokorok, Pansage, Solosis, Petilil, Ferroseed, and Ducklett

Locations Visited

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