Chapter 465: Lights, Camera, Action is the fifth chapter of the BW Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the first chapter in Volume 44.

Full Summary

The director of a commercial for the Xtransciever congratulates White on her top-notch Patrat, making her beam and tell him to contact BW Agency for any Pokémon actors they need. The director happily says that only BW Agency could have secured both a male and female Tepig for the crucial shoot tomorrow—making White freeze in the action of pulling her Tepig's pokéball from her bag: she was not told they would require a male Tepig, and wouldn't be able to get one in time to cover up the miscommunication. BW Agency's reputation would implode!

At that moment, the director's aide appears, telling them that filming has been delayed because a hot-blooded youth refuses to move from their set. They go to check it out and see Black shouting his vows. When they ask him to move, he politely asks them to wait a second until he finishes, and then resumes bellowing at the top of his lungs.

More important to White, however, is the sight of the male Tepig at his side. She drags him aside, intending to ask for his services for the commercial shoot tomorrow, but a scream brings them running back to the crew. The crew is sprawled about, inured, their equipment knocked over. They immediately turn on Black, the only stranger in the group, and White is distraught thinking about losing the male Tepig. Black declares that he'll prove his own innocence and has his Munna eat his dreams, enabling him to figure out that the true culprit was a nearby Galvantula.

Galvantula attacks, but Black defeats and captures him—destroying the crew's expensive equipment in the process. However, White intervenes and declares that they can charge BW Agency for the loss because she's just hired Black. As she drags him off, telling him to call her "President," a green haired man sheds tears for the Pokémon used by humans…

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. White's (BW Agency's) Patrat
  2. Four actors
  3. Director and aide
  4. White
  5. White's Lillipup, Pidove, Woobat, and Sandile
  6. White's Tepig
  7. Black and his Tepig, Munna, and Braviary
  8. Commercial filming crew
  9. A wild Galvantula
  10. N (debut)

Locations Visited

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