Chapter 464: VS Cottonee is the fourth chapter of the BW Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the eighth chapter of Volume 43. In Viz's translation, its title is Black's First Trainer Battle.

Full Summary

Black shouts a challenge of battle out to Route 1 in general, hoping that a trainer will accept it. Hiker Andy, hidden nearby, does, and they begin to have a triple battle: Black's Tepig, Munna, and Braviary against Andy's Cottonee, Roggenrola, and Blitzle. However, part way through, Andy has a fit and runs off in order to gulp down lots of water, his Pokémon losing while he is distracted. Andy declares that he'll just retire as a trainer, spilling his life story to Black. Black gives him a pep talk, which doesn't work.

A fire breaks out nearby and Black puts it out by having Braviary drop a boulder into a nearby river, creating a pillar of water, and then having Andy's Cottonee use Cotton Spore; the soaked spores succeed in putting out the fire.

Black then reveals to Andy that Cottonee started the fire by playing with some smoldering bits in an attempt to overcome its weakness to fire, sick of disappointing its trainer. Andy is touched and he shouts Black's vows with him.

Black himself is inspired by his musing on dreams and takes off at a run, eager to find a challenge a gym leader.

Chapter 463

Chapter 465

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Black's Tepig
  2. Black, his Braviary,, and his Munna
  3. Nuvema citizens (memory)
  4. Cheren (memory)
  5. Bianca and her Petilil (memory)
  6. Bianca's dad (memory)
  7. Hiker Andy and his Pokémon

Locations Visited

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