Chapter 463: VS Woobat is the third chapter of the BW Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the seventh chapter of Volume 43. In Viz's translation, its title is A Nickname for Tepig.

Full Summary

Cheren and Bianca battle; Snivy lands a hit that sends Oshawott flying into Bianca's face, causing Bianca to burst into tears and chase Cheren around, whacking him, while a furious Oshawott chases and whacks Snivy.

The battle is stopped by Professor Juniper, who reports that she hadn't had any luck in repairing their pokédexes.

Meanwhile, Black is scouring Nuvema's library, searching for Tepig's evolved form so he can think up a suitable nickname. Tepig, offended by the implication that he will only be strong when he evolves, runs off to a cave, with Black in pursuit.

Cheren explains to Professor Juniper that Black always does research on his Pokémon to know them better and to discover their evolved form so that he can nickname them appropriately. Cheren goes on to tell her that nine years ago, Black decided he wanted to become Champion and began his research that day. Upon hearing of Professor Juniper's father, Cedric Juniper, Black would stage battles outside of the Lab's windows every day to try to catch a professor's attention. (Juniper is chagrinned, as she never noticed.)

Cheren finishes up by saying that he'll go catch up to Black to alert him that his pokédex is the only functional pokédex, so he should be careful with it. Juniper agrees and thanks him, Bianca volunteering to go with. As they leave, they are stopped by Bianca's father, who doesn't want his daughter to leave on a journey.

Black finds Tepig in a cave, and Tepig defeats a wild Woobat to prove his strength to Black. Black acknowledges Tepig by giving him the nickname "Tep." They set out for Striaton City.

Chapter 462

Chapter 464

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Bianca and her Oshawott
  2. Cheren and his Snivy
  3. Professor Juniper and her Minccino
  4. Black
  5. Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, Marshal, and Alder (imagined)
  6. Library occupants
  7. Black's Tepig
  8. Black's Munna and Rufflet (memory)
  9. Bianca's dad's Stoutland
  10. Older kids, their Throh, their Sawk, and their Palpitoad (memory)
  11. Bianca's dad's Unfezant (memory)
  12. Interviewer (memory)
  13. Cedric Juniper (memory)
  14. Assistant (memory)
  15. A wild Woobat
  16. Cilan and his Pansage, Cress and his Panpour, and Chili and his Pansear
  17. Bianca's dad

Locations Visited

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