Chapter 46: Wacked by Marowak! is the sixth chapter of the Yellow Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

The chapter begins with Yellow on his boat of ice he used to escape from Lorelei in the previous chapter. His boat drifts "...away from the forest...away from the spot where Bill said goodbye (98)."

The chapter then continues with Erika lecturing at the University of Celadon. The bell rings for dismissal, and as Erika leaves, a proffessor offers her a full-time job at the university. When she declines, the proffessor notices she's looking pale. She claims that a good friend of hers has been misssing for some time.

Erika contacts Misty for any information about Red. Misty has none.

That night, Yellow and Pika are sleeping in a forest. Pika has a nightmare about Red, wakes up, startled, and electrocutes Yellow out of his panic.

Out of nowhere, Erika and the citizens of Celadon City approach Yellow. Erika and Yellow introduce themselves, and Erika announces that she is going to take Pika under her care. Suddenly, one of the citizens exclaim that there has been a sighting of someone similar to Red on the outskirts of Celadon City. Pika and Yellow rush off, leaving Erika and the rest of the citizens behind.

Just as Erika and the Celadon City citizens catch up with Yellow and Pika, Red appears from the shadows. Pika rushes to Red's arms, and as Erika approaches Red, he knocks her down. Pika tries to electrocute Red, but Red is really the Super Nerd, and tells them he made a bodysuit that emits a scent chemically engineered to match Red's.

The citizens of Celadon City march closer, but Super Nerd threatens them with Erika's life. The citizens then back off, and Super Nerd sends out his Marowak and attacks them with its Bonemerang.

The chapter ends with a scene change where Blue recievies a letter from his Pidgeot. It is from Professor Oak, telling Blue that something serious has come up and that it will acquire his attention.

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