Chapter 454: VS Arceus III is the thirteenth chapter of the HGSS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the sixth chapter in Volume 42.

Full Summary

Silver quickly gathers all of the Plates and then hurries to join Gold at the Ruins of Alph; on the way, he finds Crystal lying unconscious. After she awakes, Crystal blames herself for the devastation Arceus has wrought after her failure to catch it. Silver reassures her and thanks her. The two of them set off to back up Gold.

At at the Ruins of Alph, the Team Rocket executives watch as Arceus creates a separate dimension overlapping with the Ruins of Alph, which serves as the entrance to the Sinjoh Ruins. Arceus's sphere begins to sink into the ground and the executives follow him. Approaching, Silver and Crystal dive in as well.

Silver, Crystal, and Gold find themselves sitting in snow. Silver observes a strange reaction in the sixteen Plates, like a surge of energy. They wonder if the Plates are related to Arceus, or maybe are even a part of it.

Traversing the nearby ruins, the three find that the Rocket executives have trapped Arceus. They sarcastically thank Crystal, Gold, and Silver for doing their work for them—opening Arceus's heart, and opening the Sinjoh Ruins. Gold grimly tells Silver to give them the Plates, and the executives drag Arceus onto the Mystri Stage.

Chapter 453

Chapter 455

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Silver, his Honchkrow, and his Weavile
  2. Wild Weavile, Sneasel, a Mantyke, and a Miltank
  3. Crystal and her Xatu
  4. Arceus
  5. Archer, Proton, Ariana, and Petrel
  6. Gold

Locations Visited

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