Chapter 453: VS Arceus II is the twelfth chapter of the HGSS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the fifth chapter in Volume 42.

Full Summary

As Gold chases Arceus, Bugsy awakens from unconsciousness on Typhlosion's back. Gold shows him the image Morty had given him to describe Lance's location and Bugsy immediately recognizes it as from the Ruins of Alph.

They pursue Arceus there and immediately find Lance, exhausted. Lance tells Gold that he was attacked on his way to the PokéAthlon Dome by someone adept at disguises. Gold returns Lance's Dragonite to him.

Lance, though impressed when he realizes that Gold has won all the PokéAthlon medals, tells Gold that he still stands no chance against Arceus—Gold is not strong enough to thaw Arceus's heart, so disappointed with humanity. After all, Gold's Togepi still hasn't evolved.

Bugsy warns them that Arceus is descending to attack again; before Gold heads out to face it, Lance gives Togepi a Shiny Stone, just in case. Once Gold goes outside, Arceus traps him in a forcefield. Gold stares up at Arceus for a moment, wondering how this came to be, and then attacks Arceus with Typhlosion's Blast Burn. He tells Arceus that he came here to save Arceus.

Arceus attacks Gold's Pokémon. Gold encourages them, reminding them that they only need to hang on until Silver arrives.

Meanwhile, in Ecruteak City, the director of Goldenrod Radio discovers the leveled gym. Sensing Gold had a hand in this, he rushes off to find Gold.

Despite trying, Gold is unable to break the barrier that Arceus has constructed. Arceus attacks and damages Gold's Pokémon. Nonetheless, Gold again professes the desire to help Arceus.

Outside of the barrier, Bugsy and Lance watch as Arceus attacks Gold's Pokémon. Lance reveals the history of the PokéAthlon to Bugsy: a long time ago, sickness struck the land. A trainer teamed up with his Pokémon to pass ten obstacles to reach a legendary Pokémon and discover the cure to the sickness. In his honor, the PokéAthlon emerged.

After ruminating on this for a moment, Lance heaves himself to his feet, sends out Dragonite, and flies off to a place unknown.

Chapter 452

Chapter 454

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Bugsy
  2. Gold
  3. Arceus
  4. Gold's Typhlosion
  5. Lance's Dragonite
  6. Gold's Togepi
  7. Lance
  8. Lance's Tyranitar
  9. Gold's Sudowoodo, Sunflora, Ambipom, and Politoed
  10. Silver (imagined)
  11. Director of Goldenrod Radio and his Dusknoir
  12. Bugsy's Kakuna

Locations Visited

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