Chapter 451: VS Xatu is the tenth chapter of the HGSS Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the third chapter of Volume 42.

Full Summary

Arceus breaks out of Crystal's ball. Arceus leaves and Crystal follows on her Xatu. As the Team Rocket admins watch, Proton explains to Ariana that the Sinjoh Ruins can only be opened if you are beside Arceus. Archer wants to use Crystal to open the Ruins and use Silver to gather the Plates.

Meanwhile, in Ecruteak City, Gold and Silver have just been reunited at Morty's gym. There is a sudden rumbling and the roof is blown off the gym as Arceus appears. Gold, staggering to his feet, ignores his Togepi and sends out Typhlosion to attack Arceus. Arceus reflects the attack and Gold realizes he can't take on Arceus alone. Gold runs off to look for Silver but finds Bugsy, unconscious.

However, Arceus then chooses to leave. An infuriated Gold puts Bugsy onto Typhlosion and gives pursuit, determined to find the reason behind Arceus's sad eyes.

Chapter 450

Chapter 452

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Locations Visited

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