Chapter 45: Cloystered is the fifth chapter of the Yellow Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Cloyster is drilling through the roof with Spike Cannon, trying to make the cave collapse on Bill and the unnamed boy. Bill suggests that Doduo use Peck to break out of the cave; the boy disagrees because the moment they get out of the cave, they will open to attack. He notices a very small hole and uses his fishing rod and telekinesis to manipulate Red's Pikachu in his pokéball to scout out the enemy.

Pikachu sees Lorelei's Dewgong and Cloyster working in tandem to produce frozen Spike Cannons; the boy, sharing Pikachu's vision, sees this as well. Lorelei notices Pikachu's pokéball and the boy barely yanks Pikachu back inside the cave in time to avoid a shattering attack.

The boy explains the situation to Bill, who demands to know how the boy could see what Pikachu could. The boy explains that he can somehow sense the emotions that emanate from Pokémon.

Lorelei sees a pokéball bounce out of the cave and she immediately attacks it. The attack hits, but Lorelei can't celebrate for long. Behind her, the cave bursts open from an attack, and Bill and the boy—holding Pikachu's pokéball—ride on Doduo's back. Lorelei realizes that the pokéball had been empty: a decoy.

The boy sends out Pikachu and uses Thundershock against Cloyster's Withdraw. It paralyzes Cloyster. Without Cloyser, Dewgong can't do the Spike Cannon combo, as it doesn't know Spike Cannon. Lorelei demands to know how the boy could have known about the Cloyster-Dewgong team before coming out of the cave.

The boy doesn't answer; Lorelei attacks, frustrated.

The boy has Doduo flee, telling Bill that they don't stand a chance against Lorelei. However, Bill notes that the boy is trying to prevent injuries: he had used Thundershock knowing that Cloyster would use Withdraw, making damage minimal, and now is just dodging attacks and trying to escape.

Seeing the boy, Bill, and Pikachu getting away, Lorelei shouts for the boy to tell her his name.

The boy calls back: Amarillo del bosuqe verde. Which means in spanish: Yellow of Viridian forest.

Somewhere, a Green's silhouette congratulates her Jigglypuff for holding an electronic signal receiver. It catches words, a radio transmitter, perhaps; it is Yellow's words, revealing his name. Green groans, complaining that she'd told Yellow not to reveal his name, but it couldn't be helped.

Meanwhile, Yellow and Bill flee from Lorelei, whose Dewgong is creating a path of ice to keep up with Doduo. Dewgong uses Ice Beam to block Doduo's path. They are forced to jump into the river, but as a water-type, Dewgong has the advantage here. Lorelei sends out Cloyster, who uses Aurora Beam to freeze their feet into the crest of a wave. Then it uses Supersonic to cause them pain.

Lorelei approaches them and Cloyster puts a spike to Yellow's neck. Before she kills Yellow, she wants to know how he knew about her team's attack. Had seen what Pikachu had? Yellow's reaction gives away the truth, and Lorelei asks how strong Yellow's ability is, wondering if he can see Pikachu's past.

Lorelei deduces that Yellow can't because Yellow was intrigued when she had mentioned the battle between Red and Bruno. They hear a strange noise, and suddenly the frozen wave breaks, Bill and Yellow on an iceberg separate from Lorelei: Yellow's Rattata had been chewing the ice from beneath to break it off.

Lorelei is about to follow them and attack when ink splatters near her, from Green's Horsea. The brief distraction as Lorelei whirls to find her attacker is long enough for Yellow and Bill to be washed away.

Bill tries to introduce himself properly to Yellow, but Yellow has already fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, at the Indigo Plateau, an old woman is having a conversation with Lorelei via laptop. Lorelei tells her about Yellow and his unusual ability. Afraid that if Yellow grows stronger, he could retrieve the memories of Red's battle with Bruno from Pikachu's mind, they decide to target Yellow as well as Pikachu.

Chapter 44

Chapter 46

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Lorelei's Cloyster
  2. Bill
  3. Yellow
  4. Red's Pikachu
  5. Lorelei
  6. Yellow's Doduo (imagination, later real)
  7. Lorelei's Dewgong
  8. Green's Jigglypuff
  9. Green
  10. Bruno and Red (memory)
  11. Yellow's Rattata
  12. Green's Horsea
  13. Agatha

Locations Visited

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