Chapter 448: VS Parasect is the seventh chapter in the HGSS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the final chapter of Volume 41.

Full Summary

After calling Mr. Dervish and her mother to let them know the field trip went well, Crystal gives Silver a pokégear, telling him RIF—report, inform, and feedback—was important to let people you trust know what's happening with you right now.

Silver accepts it, telling her that he can't bother her with Team Rocket. Crystal tells him she can't leave him in such bad shape, and moments later Silver suffers sudden pain from his fight against Petrel's Koffing. Crystal's Parasect promptly showers him with spores, detoxifying him. Silver apologizes, but Crystal reminds him that they're friends.

Catching sight of Olivine City's lighthouse, they decide to take Eusine's suggestion to ask Morty to locate Lance. Crystal admits at that the reason she wants to help Silver is because so long as Rocket is around, the kids will never be safe. Seeing Silver looking at her strangely, she suddenly realizes she's still wearing the overalls outfit her mother made her wear. Flustered, Crystal freaks out, heedless of Silver's protests that no, he hadn't been amused by her clothes.

Meanwhile, in Ecruteak City, Gold admires the Kimono Girls as his Pokémon train themselves. As they train, Aipom learns Double Hit and evolves into Ambipom. Gold's Togepi looks on, frustrated, and Gold admits that he doesn't know how to get him to evolve. Morty arrives and Gold asks him to use his clairvoyance to locate Lance; Morty, seeing Gold's pokédex, agrees. They go to the gym, where Chuck, Falkner, and Bugsy arrive to guard the door while Morty works.

Crystal and Silver have reached Route 38 and can see the Bell Tower in the distance. They are suddenly attacked by an Arbok, whose Poison Sting pins Silver to a tree. Ariana appears, declaring that she'll crush them here before they can hurt Team Rocket. Crystal draws their battle away from Silver, intending to distract Ariana so that Silver could get away to Ecruteak.

Silver has other plans: he intends to give Crystal the plates so that she could go to Ecruteak while he holds off Ariana. However, he comes to a sudden realization: the plates correspond to the elementary types of Pokémon.

Chapter 447

Chapter 449

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Crystal and her Xatu
  2. Silver and his Gyarados
  3. Crystal's Cubone and Parasect
  4. Emerald (silhouette)
  5. Gold
  6. Kimono Girls and their Pokémon
  7. Director of Goldenrod City Radio Tower
  8. Gold's Sunflora, Aipom, Politoed, Sudowoodo, and Typhlosion
  9. Gold's Togepi
  10. Morty and his Pokémon
  11. Jasmine and her Ampharos (memory)
  12. Falkner
  13. Chuck
  14. Bugsy
  15. Suicune (memory)
  16. Ho-oh (memory)
  17. An Arbok
  18. Silver's Honchkrow
  19. Crystal's Arcanine and Hitmonchan
  20. Ariana and her Pokémon

Locations Visited

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