Chapter 447: VS Feraligatr is the sixth chapter in the HGSS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the sixth chapter of Volume 41.

Full Summary

As Silver demands Petrel turn over his Plates, Petrel realizes that Silver really will kill him if he doesn't comply. Petrel tells him that there are 16 Plates.

Before Silver can learn what the Plates are and why Team Rocket wants them, a Safari ranger interrupts and expels them on grounds of a rule violation: no battles in the Safari Zone.

Petrel immediately disguises himself as Baoba, making it appear that Silver was threatening the life of the ranger's employer. "Baoba" easily extricates himself from Silver's shocked Weavile's grip and sends away the ranger, claiming they're playing a game.

Petrel explains his disguising skill to Silver, showing Silver his own face, Eusine's, and Lance's while laughing and saying that from now on, Silver must always suspect that his friends and family may be Petrel in disguise. Petrel flies off on his Golbat, and Silver gives pursuit on Honchkrow.

Silver shouts that in order for Petrel to replicate Lance's face so accurately, he must have seen Lance. Petrel confirms this and claims to have fought and defeated Lance easily, despite having declared seconds earlier that he didn't think win against Silver. Petrel uses Air Cutter to throw Silver off his trail.

Meanwhile, a helicopter carries Crystal and her mom to the Safari Zone for a field trip with the kids. Her mom is horrified when she sees Crystal dressed as a professor and insists that she change clothes to impress on the kids that this trip is for fun.

Silver starts searching the Safari Zone for any more Plates; Eusine, watching him, asks why he can't leave Team Rocket to the authorities. Silver explains his past, making Eusine cry and promise to introduce him to Morty to help him to find Lance. They are interrupted by some kids throwing Safari balls at Eusine. Crystal hurries over to apologize for them and is shocked when she sees Silver.

Meanwhile, in Cliff Cave, Proton dismisses some grunts who are reporting Petrel's loss of three Plates. He says that the Plates have nothing to do with him and he concentrates on a machine and map in front of him, wondering where the Sinjoh Ruins could be.

Chapter 446

Chapter 448

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Silver, his Gyarados, and his Weavile
  2. Eusine
  3. Petrel
  4. Safari ranger and mechanical Hoothoot
  5. Lance (Petrel's disguise, later imagined)
  6. Petrel's Golbat
  7. Silver's Honchkrow
  8. Crystal's mother and her Azumarill
  9. Crystal
  10. Silver's Kingdra and Feraligatr
  11. Eusine's Electrode
  12. Giovanni (imagined)
  13. Ho-oh (imagined)
  14. Morty (imagined)
  15. Kids
  16. Mega
  17. Proton
  18. Team Rocket grunts

Locations Visited

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