Chapter 446: VS Weavile is the fifth chapter in the HGSS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the fifth chapter of Volume 41.

Full Summary

Silver flies to the Safari Zone on his Honchkrow to look for clues concerning Lance's disappearance. He finds out that the Safari Zone is a crowded, boisterous place with no apparent connection to Team Rocket.

Silver enters the Safari challenge, but because he wasn't listening to the rules, he uses his Weavile to attack the wild Pokémon. Eusine appears and scolds him. Recognizing the man as someone obsessed with the legendary Pokémon Suicune, Silver takes out his plate to test the man's reaction, but there is none.

Not far off, Petrel spies the plate through his binoculars and sends his Koffing to attack them with gas. Silver plugs their gas-excreting holes with Weavile's Icy Wind, but Petrel makes the bridge under Silver and Eusine collapse. Silver barely manages to catch a rope, hanging on to it and Eusine. Petrel demands that Silver hand over his plate, revealing that he himself already possesses the Toxic and Earth Plates. Silver is surprised to learn that there are more plates.

Silver suddenly lets go of the rope, plunging into the mists below. Weavile ambushes Petrel from behind, putting a claw on his neck, and Silver suddenly rises on his Gyarados, Eusine beside him. Silver demands that Petrel give him his plates and tell him how many plates total there are.

Chapter 445

Chapter 447

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Silver and his Honchkrow
  2. Team Rocket grunts (imagined)
  3. Giovanni (imagined)
  4. Clair and Lance (imagined)
  5. Silver's Weavile
  6. Safari Zone crowd
  7. Eusine
  8. Baoba
  9. Eusine's Electrode
  10. Petrel and his Koffing
  11. Silver's Gyarados

Locations Visited

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