Hgss 4

Chapter 445: VS Koffing is the fourth chapter in the HGSS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokemon Adventures It is the fourth chapter of Volume 41.

Full Summary

Silver arrives at the Whirl Islands, looking for Lance but finding Clair instead; he returns to her the badge he stole. She tells him she received a static-filled, cut-off call from Lance and has not been able to contact him since.

They are attacked by a swarm of Koffing, and Silver's Sneasel finds one holding a plate. Clair recognizes the term, as Lance mentioned the Safari Zone, plates, and Arceus in his call. Silver decides to go investigate the Safari Zone.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket, rebuilt by Carr, has gathered in Cliff Cave. Ariana, Archer, Proton, and Petrel claim leadership of Rocket in Giovannis stead.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Silver and his Murkrow
  2. Silver's Sneasel
  3. Green (flashback)
  4. Silver's Gyrados, Kingdra, and Feraligatr
  5. Team Rocket grunts (flashback)
  6. Clair and her Dragonair
  7. Lance (flashback)
  8. Wild Koffing
  9. Ryu (flashback)
  10. Baoba (flashback)
  11. Carr
  12. Orm (flashback)
  13. Sird (flashback)
  14. Giovanni (flashback)
  15. Ariana
  16. Archer
  17. Proton
  18. Petrel

Locations Visited

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