Chapter 444: VS Togepi is the third chapter of the HGSS Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures. It is the third chapter of Volume 41.

Full Summary

After Gold reveals that he is actually at the PokéAthlon Dome to wait for Lance, Whitney beats him up for not telling her about his agenda. Gold protests that he's just acting on Professor Oak's orders: Team Rocket activity has picked up all over Johto, and Lance sent Oak a message telling him that Rocket is after Arceus. Lance asked Oak to sent a pokédex holder to meet him at the PokéAthlon Dome to discuss Arceus and Rocket.

A Dragonite suddenly attacks the PokéAthlon Dome, spurring the Johto Elite Four into action. However, Dragonite deals their Pokémon serious damage with Hyper Beam. Gold instructs the Elite Four to warn him when Dragonite is about to use Hyper Beam; when it does, Gold uses his pool stick to shoot Togepi through the beam to reach behind Dragonite, where Togepi uses a sneak attack to knock Dragonite out.

In Dragonite's claws, they find a scrap of cloth belonging to Lance and deduce that the Dragonite is Lance's, but something attacked them and prevented Lance from reaching the PokéAthlon Dome.

Gold, realizing that hanging around the dome waiting is pointless, moves to leave. Before he does, Bruno gives him Dragonite's pokéball with the request to return it to Lance if he meets up with the man. Bruno also gives Gold some sweets.

Whitney chases after Gold, demanding to know if he's just going to give up on Lance despite Professors Oak's and Elm's requests; Gold responds Rocket is the business of the police, and he cares nothing for Lance, a man he's never met. However, Arceus does interest Gold.

Thinking about it for a moment, Gold suddenly decides to go to Ecruteak City.

Chapter 443

Chapter 445

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Gold and his Aipom
  2. Whitney
  3. Koga
  4. Bruno
  5. Will
  6. Karen
  7. Whitney's Miltank
  8. Professor Oak (flashback)
  9. Two Team Rocket grunts (flashback photograph)
  10. Professor Elm (flashback)
  11. Gold's Togepi (flashback, later real)
  12. Lance (flashback hologram)
  13. A Dragonite
  14. Bystanders
  15. DJ Mary
  16. Koga's Ekans and Bruno's Hitmonlee
  17. Gold's Typhlosion and Politoed
  18. Arceus (imagined)

Locations Visited

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