Chapter 44: Do Wrong, Dewgong! is the fourth chapter of the Yellow Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Professor Oak is on the videophone with Misty again, apparently having told her about his encounter with the unnamed boy. Misty is scandalized that he gave Red's pokédex to a complete stranger. Oak is unconcerned, but Misty is clearly anxious about Red, holding the Krabby he traded her as she worries. Oak gives Pidgeot a rolled-up letter to deliver, and Pidgeot shoots out of Pallet Town.

Meanwhile, in Viridian Forest, Lorelei stands on a rocky outcropping overlooking the river where the unnamed boy, Bill, and Red's Pikachu. Her focus is on Pikachu because Pikachu escaped from Red's battle with Bruno.

Bill sneezes. He tries to start a conversation with the boy, but the boy has already fallen asleep, sitting up. Pikachu, chasing a butterfly, catches Bill's attention. He wonders if the Pikachu is really Red's Pikachu, so he goes up to Pikachu and introduces himself, asking to see if Pikachu remembers him. Pikachu shocks him in response, making Bill sulk because that, too, is familiar.

The boy's fishing rod catches Bill's attention next. He muses that it had looked like the pokéball had swerved to capture Seadra on its own, so he picks it up, checking if it's some new model of rod. But no, it's only a pokéball attached to a string. A check of the pokéball reveals Seadra, in full health. This baffles Bill because Seadra took a powerful Thundershock from Pikachu.

Astounded, Bill wonders who exactly this boy is.

A voice speaks up behind him, asking for that Pikachu. He looks up and sees Lorelei, who unleashes Dewgong and uses Aurora Beam. Bill shouts for the boy to wake up, but he slumbers on. Dewgong uses Blizzard, and now the cold wakes the boy, who sneezes. Bill shouts that they're being attacked and demands of Lorelei why she wants Pikachu.

Lorelei asks if they know what happened in Red and Bruno's battle. This captures the boy's attention. Lorelei confirms for Bill that the Pikachu is indeed Red's Pikachu. Lorelei says that the Elite Four have a "perfect record" to keep: destroy the trainers and then destroy their Pokémon, so she can't let Pikachu get away. It's a reputation thing. And she, as an Elite Four member herself, must uphold it.

Lorelei declares her name. She creates an ice bridge down from her cliff, but the boy calls out Doduo to crack it. When Lorelei lands, there is no sign of anyone.

Bill and the boy are hiding out in a cave. Bill asks who the boy is, and he answers that he is the person who is searching for Red with Pikachu for Professor Oak. Bill asks if he actually wants to go up against the Elite Four, and then adds that the boy is crazy.

They suddenly hear a drilling noise. They look around, worried.

Somewhere, an old lady is watching Lorelei and her Cloyster, chuckling that it's time for Lorelei's signature move.

Chapter 43

Chapter 45

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Misty
  2. Professor Oak
  3. Someone's Pidgeot
  4. Lorelei
  5. Yellow's Doduo
  6. Yellow
  7. Bill
  8. Red's Pikachu
  9. Red (imagination/memory)
  10. Wild Seadra
  11. Lorelei's Dewgong
  12. Bruno (memory)
  13. Lorelei's Cloyster (partial glimpse)
  14. Agatha

Locations Visited

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