Chapter 43: Sea Sea Seadra is the forty-third chapter in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokemon Adventures. It is the third chapter of Volume 4.

Full Summary

Deep within Viridian Forest, the youth who Red taught how to catch Pokémon is fishing for Pokémon in a river. He allows Pika, who had been given to the boy by Professor Oak, to venture off on his own. This costs the boy his chance to capture a Seaking.

Bill, meanwhile, is conducting data research regarding Pokémon ecology in Viridian Forest, which had been adversely affected by Team Rocket. Much to Bill's dismay, nothing had really changed for the better, as indicated by a Weezing and a Sandslash that he had seen. Team Rocket's influence still manages to deeply affect things in the forest. Noticing a strange swift figure behind him, Bill trips as he pursues it, winding up in the river. As it turns out, the figure is Pika, who, after getting acquainted with Bill, decides to join up with him as Bill gets his fishing gear.

The weight of Bill's bag pulls him under the water. Pika and the boy try to save him by throwing him one end of a rope. Unfortunately, a Seadra attacks before he could be successfully reeled in. Pika attempts to use ThunderShock on the Seadra, but it creates powerful currents, making the goal of saving Bill all the more difficult to achieve. Much to Bill's surprise, the boy decides to go against the current, throwing a pokéball at the Seadra and capturing it.

Highly grateful, Bill thanks the boy for saving him. However, the boy tells Bill that it was Pika who had saved him. Bill is very amazed to see the Pikachu who was once Red's, which leads Bill to inquire after Red. The boy only states that he needs to heal Seadra first, holding the pokéball in his hands.

Chapter 42

Chapter 44

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Young boy
  2. Pika
  3. A wild Seaking
  4. Bill
  5. A wild Weezing and Sandslash
  6. A wild Seadra

Locations Visited

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