Chapter 42: Do do that Doduo is the forty-second chapter in Pokemon Adventures.

Full Summary

A disguised Yellow arrives at Pallet Town on a Doduo, and asks the townfolk if they have seen a Pikachu around the town.

The scene cuts back to Professor Oak finding a hurt Pika. He goes off to heal Pika by Misty's request. While healing Pika, Oak believes that Red was badly beaten by Bruno. He goes to tell other people about what he thinks happen to Red and asks Misty to tell the other gym leaders.

Yellow opens the doors to Professor Oak's lab. Professor Oak tells her to come back later, but she finds Pika in his Pokeball. She takes him out and hugs him. Professor Oak is confused and asks her if she knew Red. She doesn't respond, but keeps playing with Pika. Professor Oak confuses Yellow's gender and wonders how Red knew this boy.

Yellow exits Oak's lab and takes Pika with her. Oak stops her and questions her. Yellow replies she knows who Red is, and the fact he is missing, but doesn't know where he is. When Oak questions her further, she doesn't respond, and she won't tell her name.

Yellow eagerly says she is taking Pika to help go find Red, but Oak sends out his Spearow and tries to change her mind by using Fury Attack. However, Yellow isn't giving up easily, and tells Doduo to use Whirlwind. Spearow counterattacks with Mirror Move, but Yellow tells her Doduo to keep using Whirlwind. They both keep using the same move, and Oak tells her the battle is getting redundant. Yellow doesn't care, and tells Doduo to run around Spearow quickly. Spearow eventually gets dizzy, faints, and raises up in the air.

When Pika runs over to catch Oak's Spearow, Oak gets mad and tells her you could only use one Pokemon. Yellow is happy she won the battle, and without hurting the Pokemon too much. Professor Oak is stunned at her strategy, and tells her to come with him.

At Red's house, his Pokedex is lying on the table, and Yellow thinks he didn't take it because he didn't think he'd win against his opponent. Oak then says he trusts Yellow, even though he thinks it was rude to barge in his lab. Oak gives Yellow Red's Pokedex and Pika to return to him.

Oak thinks on how when Yellow touched Pika, his wounds were somehow healed, and believes it was his imagination...

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