Chapter 417: VS Lopunny is first chapter in the Platinum Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

The chapter begins with a letter Platinum wrote to her mother, setting the stage for the Arc: Diamond and Pearl are investigating the legendary Pokémon described in Charon's notebook while Platinum works with the International Police.

The scene opens on the Resort Area of Sinnoh's Battle Zone. A transaction is taking place: a dark silhouette is selling his villa. The attendant is doubtful, pointing out that it is a magnificent villa and wondering if he should really be giving it up, but the man is certain. After he leaves on the back of his Metagross, the attendant groans over the weath and attitude of rich people. She looks at her clipboard, seeing that the villa's next owner is going to be Platinum Berlitz, the daughter of a wealthy scholar.

The scene switches to the Battleground in the Survival Area of the Battle Zone. Mira and her Kadabra fight Cheryl and her Blissey, while Marley and her Arcanine fight Buck and his Claydol. From outside the building, Looker watches, musing that where strong trainers are found, information can be also. He tries to sneak in to get a better look but is immediately caught by Buck, who sends Looker running.

Looker goes to the Resort Area, where he is supposed to meet his partner. He sees Platinum and decides to test her before introducing himself. He swings down on a zipline, ambushing her, but, sensing him, Platinum ambushes him first, her Lopunny zapping off a powerful Focus Blast. To Platinum's confusion, when the dust clears there remains only a large rock. The rock suddenly opens and Looker steps out, satisfied with Platinum's skills.

They exchange passwords, confirming each other identities, and Platinum takes it a step further. In reference to the mixup in the DP Arc, she makes sure that Looker is, indeed, a member of the International Police, is not supposed to get a free bicycle and ride and in Sandgem Park, and is not an amateur comedian. Looking stoic, Looker weathers her questioning. He looks on in bafflement as she crouches to tell her Pokémon excitedly that they've actually found the right person for once! (Her Pokémon celebrate.)

They introduce themselves to each other and declare the purpose of their partnership: to investigation the Distortion World.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Volkner and his Electivire
  2. Flint and his Magmortar
  3. Diamond
  4. Pearl
  5. Platinum
  6. Platinum's Pokémon
  7. Looker
  8. Darach, Caitlin, Dahlia, Argenta, Thorton, Palmer, and Charon (silhouette) (on the cover)
  9. Villa attendant
  10. Steven Stone (silhouette), his Beldum, and his Metagross
  11. Mira and her Kadabra
  12. Cheryl and her Blissey
  13. Marley and her Arcanine
  14. Buck and his Claydol

Locations Visited

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