Chapter 40: A Charizard… and a Champion is the final chapter of the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Professor Oak, Bill, and Green watch Red and Blue begin their Championship match in the Indigo Plateau. They release their Pokémon simultaneously: Blue's Charizard versus Red's Venasaur. Charizard moves to attack with Fire Punch, but Venasaur uses PoisonPowder, followed by Razor Leaf. Red shouts that Blue shouldn't get cocky, despite having the type advantage.

Red swaps Venasaur for Snorlax, and Blue mimics him, switching Charizard for Machamp. Machamp uses his four arms to grab all four of Snorlax's limbs, preventing an attack. The two begin to wrestle. Machamp then lifts Snorlax up onto his back, using his four arms to balance Snorlax perfectly, and then spins him. As Snorlax grows dizzy, Machamp Slams him into the ground, fracturing the earth.

As Machamp readies for the final blow, Red secretly has Snorlax use Harden, hoping to catch Blue unawares; however, Blue sees easily through the deception. Instead of attacking Snorlax, Machamp attacks the shard of ground beside him, using it as a lever to catapult Snorlax into the air.

Professor Oak observes that Blue has learned to work together with others—he has become more like Red.

The announcer disqualifies Snorlax for going out of bounds, but Snorlax falls back down, revealing that he'd never landed and thus had not been out of bounds. Snorlax lands a Double Edge on Machamp. He additionally uses a move that poisons Machamp.

Professor Oak observes that Red has learned to stay calm and think ahead—he has become more like Blue.

Blue returns Machamp and sends out Ninetales. Red is about to start the battle with Snorlax before recognizing that Snorlax is in low health. Red remarks that someone (Blue) once told him to know his limits; Blue responds that someone (Red) once told him there's no pride in defeating a weakened Pokémon.


Professor Oak recognizes this acknowledgement and respect they have learned from each other. They know each other well.

Four mysterious figures watch the battle intently.

Red sends out Poliwrath. Blue's Ninetales uses Fire Blast on Poli, and the torrent of heated air lifts the small Pokémon up to the ceiling while evaporating his water-type attack.

Red sends out Pikachu, but the same thing occurs. Now he sends out Venasaur again; everybody wonders what he could be thinking, sending out a grass-type against a fire-type. Blue responds by switching Ninetales for Charizard: a showdown of starters. Venasaur's vines wrap around Charizard, and a vine goes up to the ceiling. On the ceiling, a storm is brewing because of the evaporated water from Poliwrath and electrical currents from Pikachu. Venasaur's vine acts as a lightningrod and Charizard is struck by a bolt of lightning, fainting.

Red is announced the Champion of the Indigo League.

Mew, floating outside the stadium, turns and floats away.

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Chapter 41

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Crowd in the stadium of the Indigo Plateau
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Bill
  5. Professor Oak
  6. Red's Venasaur
  7. Blue's Charizard
  8. Green
  9. Red's Snorlax
  10. Blue's Ninetales
  11. Lorelei, Agatha, Bruno, and Lance
  12. Red's Poliwrath
  13. Red's Pikachu
  14. Mew

Locations Visited


  • Despite the fact that Snorlax was sent flying up into the air, the story later contradicts itself by later claiming there is a ceiling
  • Chapter 40 is the final chapter of the RGB Arc and of Volume 3

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