Chapter 4: Wanted: Pikachu!



Volume 1

Important Events
  • Pika debuts
  • Red arrives at Pewter City
  • Red captures the bad-tempered Pikachu
  • Red and Blue decide to challenge the Pewter Gym
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Chapter 4: Wanted: Pikachu! (also known as VS. Pikachu) is the 4th chapter in the RGB Arc of Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures .


Red wanders into Pewter City in the west and sees an angry mob of people rush past him. A piece of paper flies from the mob and flutters near Red, who picks it up and reads it, discovering that the mob had been hunting a Pikachu. He decides to give them a hand in capturing it.

Up against a wall, the mob has found and cornered the Pikachu. As they make a mad lunge against the mouse Pokémon, Pikachu quickly dodges out of the way and leaps onto a roadside produce stand and starts to eat the apples from the display. Creeping up from behind, a member of the mob tosses a net over Pikachu, only to be shocked by it before it runs off.

Red, whose been watching the mob's display, mutters that he can't take anymore of this display and sends Saur out to battle Pikachu while the mob watches in awe. Pikachu smirks at Saur and attacks with an electric attack which generated a thick cloud of dust. The crowd moans. However, as the dust clear, Pikachu is surprised to see Saur has been unaffected. Red gives Saur the command to attack, hitting Pikachu with a seed and then a dose of Sleep Powder before Red captures the less then enthusiastic Pikachu , much to the crowd's excitement. Red is treated to a meal by the townsmen, who enthusiastically question Red about where he came from, to which he replies Pallet Town. He shows the crowd his pokédex and scans Pikachu, discovering that he'd come from the Viridian Forest to settle in the city. Within his pocket, Pikachu was making a huge fuss about being kept up in its pokéball.


..and Red accepts


Blue's Challenge...

Outside the town, Red releases Pikachu and tries to make friends with the stubborn electric mouse with little succession. The pair are approached by Blue who dryly remarks that Red will never fill his pokédex just by sitting around, and laughs at the fact that Red can't make a tiny mouse obey him. He sneers that he's embarrassed to have Red as a rival, much to Red's fury.

The two boys prepare to battle.

Blue, however, stops and remarks to Red that he is planning on challenging Brock, the Gym Leader of Pewter Gym, in order to win the Boulder Badge . Red stares back blankly. Blue goes on, explaining that the Boulder Badge would boost the attacks of the receiver's Pokémon. Blue suggests that their challenge be who can get the Boulder Badge from Brock first and then goes on to smirk that it wouldn't be so much of a challenge, since Red couldn't even make Pikachu obey him. Red haughtily accepts.


Blue informs Red that Pikachu wouldn't be much use anyway, since Brock is a Rock-Pokémon trainer. He laughs and then leaves, dropping a flyer behind for Red about the next gym challenge.


...We're doomed...

Red reads on the flyer that the next challenge is tomorrow at noon so he decides to attend. Checking his Pokémon, he realizes that they are in low health and resolves to take them to the Pokémon Center the next morning for treatment. The next morning, when Red arrives, he finds a notice pinned on the door of the shelter, stating that the center had been vandalized and damaged by unknown culprits the day before and is closed. With great anxiety, Red realizes that the only one of his Pokémon that is in full health is his newly caught, stubborn Pikachu.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red
  2. Townsmen
  3. Pikachu
  4. Saur
  5. Blue
  6. Brock (on flyer)
  7. Brock's Onix (on flyer)
  8. Poli

Locations Visited

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