Chapter 37: Golly, Golem! is a chapter in the RGB Arc in Hidenori Kusaka's Pokémon Adventures.

Full Summary

Red realizes that the mysterious Viridian gym leader is the leader of Team Rocket, and none other than the kindly archaeologist with whom Red had traveled through the Digglet's Cave with. The man introduces himself as Giovanni.

Knowing a battle is imminent, Red knows he must keep his calm; he realizes that there may be many Team Rocket goons hiding in the gym, and he wonders whether it would be wise to attack first. Giovanni, guessing his worries, tells him that they are alone in the gym, and he even takes off his coat, letting his pokéballs spill to the ground.

Giovanni is unarmed. The arrogance of this action provokes Red into unleashing Poliwrath, but Poliwrath is thrown back and frozen by Giovanni's Cloyster. After saying how both the Pokémon's physical traits and those of their trainers matter, Giovanni praises Red for his empathy, unpredictability, and persistence, regretting the fact that Red isn't on his side.

Giovanni offers Red a bet: if Red can defeat Giovanni, he can leave without any worries of Team Rocket; but if Giovanni defeats Red, then Red must fight for Team Rocket for the rest of his days. Red accepts the bet on the terms that they fight fair, and he places his five pokéballs on the ground to match Giovanni's.

They count and then rush for their pokéballs, Red sending out Snorlax, using Mega Punch, and Giovanni sending out Nidoqueen with Counter. Counter defeats Snorlax, with Nidoqueen throwing him through a wall, and Giovanni gloats that he had previously defeated Red's Poliwrath with Giovanni's speed in unleashing Cloyster; now he has defeated Red's Snorlax by using Red's own speed against him. (Red had attacked preemptively.)

Giovanni now sends out Golem, who bounces around; Golem bounces to the hole in the wall, where Snorlax lies in ambush, but it is only a ploy of Giovanni's: Rock Throw, and then Self Destruct.

When the explosion clears, Red finds the needle of a Beedrill at his throat. Giovanni tells Red to give in, but Red's foot finds Aerodactyl's pokéball, unleashing him.

Chapter 36

Chapter 38

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Red and his Venasaur
  2. Giovanni
  3. Red's Poliwrath
  4. Giovanni's Cloyster
  5. Red's Snorlax
  6. Giovanni's Nidoqueen
  7. Giovanni's Golem
  8. Giovanni's Beedrill
  9. Red's Aerodactyl

Locations Visited

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